Bong Terminology: A Head Shop Reference Guide

If you are a beginner, trying to purchase your first bong, pipe, bubbler, or dab rig, figuring out all the lingo can get confusing. Here is a list of every term you might run across during your purchasing process. We will break it up into sections for easier digestion.

Parts and accessories of bongs:

45 degree joint: This is the angle to downstem protrudes from the piece.

90 degree joint: This usually only pertains to stemless joints where the stem is attached to the piece instead of being removable.

Ash catcher/precooler: This is an attachment that goes on the end of your stem giving you extra percolation and keeping your bong clean from all the ash.

Carb hole: A hole in the side of the piece you place your finger on to help regulate air flow.

Carbon Filter: is a filtration system that goes between the bowl and the downstem. It helps reduce or remove and tar or carcinogens.

Dabber/wand: A long tool used to hold concentrate as you place it onto a heated surface to smoke.

Dome: A bowl shaped piece that is placed over the heated nail to contain the smoke.

Domeless nail: A nail that has its own way of capturing smoke with the use of holes.

Down stem: This is the removable piece that is inserted into the side of the bong with slits at one end to diffuse the smoke into the water of the bong.

Dish: A piece used to hold you concentrates for safe keeping.

Fixed stem: This does the same function as the down stem but it is attached to the piece instead of being removable.

Glass on Glass (gong): The slide and the down stem are both glass instead of having rubber grommets like they used to have.

Nail: Use to smoke concentrates, you heat this element up with a torch and place you concentrates on it to vaporize into a smoke. These can be made from titanium, glass, and quartz.

Percolator: The method of diffusing the smoke through many holes/slits into water making the smoke easier to inhale. There are many different types of percolators, if you would like to learn more about them check our percolator blog.

Slide/bowl: The part of the pipe that holds what you are smoking. This is also removed to inhale the smoke that is held in the chamber instead of using a carb hole.

Splash guard: This part is near the top of the piece that does exactly as it sounds. It stops water from splashing into your mouth.

Smoking Lingo

Drag: The resistance you get from smoking through the tube. The more drag the hard to smoke which correlates with too many percolators.

Worked glass: This refers to glass that has colored worked into the piece.

China Glass: Inferior glass made in china. These pieces are usually made with cheap materials and thin glass make them prone to break.

Slyme: Usually green or pink colored glass the looks like slime.

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