Booze. Juice. Clouds: The Vape Summit Las Vegas

For some reason they decided to give us assholes media passes to the Vape Summit in the Las Vegas Convention Center last weekend. (Who thought that would be a good idea?)


The first day was B2B, so we met some of the best juice vendors from different parts of the country. One of the perks of owning a vaping blog? Vendors throwing free juice your way. Check out all of the free samples we got:

Don’t act like you aren’t jealous.

Looks like I’ll have enough juice to review for the next year or so.

The second and third days were open to the public, and that’s when the party really started.

There were tons of hot go-go dancers as well as promo models attempting to promote different juice lines (Pro-tip: don’t ask any of them any details about the juice, they have no idea wtf they’re talking about). There were a few cash bars spread out throughout the convention center, making it way too easy to get wasted. Biggest takeaway from the event: Getting drunk makes it really hard to taste the juice.

The abundance of hot chicks, booze, and the general party atmosphere made me feel like I was at vaping spring break.

This awesome dude from Five Star gave us free shots of Jager.

There were tons of random moments where they were throwing free juice samples into the crowd, and a few different raffles as well.

Raffle Vape Summit

Raffle Vape Summit

The main event was the cloud competition, which took place in the boxing ring in the back. Check out these pictures from the competition:

Cloud Competition Vape Summit
Cloud Competition Power Stance
Looks like the power stance helped.

I didn’t stay long enough to find out who won the overall competition, but I’d put my money on the guy with the power stance.

Overall, it was a pretty badass experience. 10/10 would go again.

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