The Companies Named in “Exploding E-Cigarette” Lawsuits Include….


Several of the top vaping manufacturers in the world have been named in more than a dozen new lawsuits, as reported by Time and the Wall Street Journal.

The lawsuits allege that products built by these manufacturers have exploded, causing serious injuries and property damage.

Some of the products that have allegedly exploded include those made by Kangertech, Sigelei, and iPV Technology Co. Since it’s difficult to get Chinese companies to appear in U.S. courtrooms, many of these lawsuits are going after all of the companies in the supply chain, including distributors and retailers. A successful example of this strategy was seen back in October, when a woman won $1.9 million from the manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer of a charger that exploded in her car.

While it’s always sad to see people injured from exploding mods and chargers, it’s important to note that almost every single one of these cases is the result of user error. Lithium-ion batteries that are used in mods are much more dangerous than the AA and AAA batteries that most people are familiar with and should be handled with caution. Additionally, if a device has an internal battery and comes with a charger, you should only use that specific charger with that device, even if other chargers can fit.

What we need is more proper education about battery safety, not lawsuits.

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