Cannabis New Year’s Resolutions for 2020

Happy New Year! I’m not a resolutions person, typically, but I wanted to create a list of cannabis New Year’s resolutions for people who love cannabis and don’t hate themselves, so here we go.

In the spirit of a healthier year with all the clarity its random name implies, here are some fun ideas for bringing more cannabis into your life. We figured that more weed was a goal we could all get behind.

Try a New Dispensary

Not to pick on sticking to your favorite spot, especially when they’re smart and well-stocked, but it’s the right time to see what’s out there. Sure, it’s the new year—but that’s only part of the reason.

This year we’re likely to see recreational cannabis initiatives on the ballot in several states. Other states will probably go medical. That means we’re also going to see lots of ads, debating, and spending—including in and by dispensaries. As the markets in various states heat up, different dispensaries and the companies who own them should want to secure their spots.

Take advantage! Check out what’s new in dispensaries you’ve seen, and visit a few new locations. They all have reason to be competitive, and you are likely to see some great deals and cool new products.

Ask And Receive

The next time you’re shopping? Actually ask a budtender for advice, instead of getting the same old thing.

We know, it’s hit and miss with budtenders. But there are some truly knowledgeable budtenders out there, and if you hit your dispensary at the right time, you can also talk to product reps and others who can share some good information.

You may find yourself surprised by a product recommendation or a new favorite strain—we’ve done both.

Come Clean (At the Doctor)

When you go to the doctor or dentist, include your cannabis on your medicine list. Super awkward at times, we know.

However, there are solid reasons to do this, especially if you’re having surgery. Some recent research suggests that sedation requirements might be different for people who use cannabis regularly. And certain drugs a doctor could prescribe to you might interact badly with your cannabis.

Just make this the year you tell at least your favorite doctor, m’kay?

Special Delivery

For some of us, there will never be a substitute for just smoking a joint. For others, smoking is absolutely out, and we’ve only ever eaten our greens. Whatever your favorite is, this year try a new delivery method for your cannabis after doing some research.

One of the coolest things about cannabis is the way it offers very different effects depending on how you consume it. Why not explore your options in 2020?

  • Looking for more intense, longer-lasting effects? Try edibles. You can even make your own from flower or concentrates, your choice.

  • Is quick onset more your style? You’re more likely to be a fan of smoking or vaping, as long as you don’t mind a shorter duration.

  • Try some crazy new dipping device. There are a zillion of them, and they offer a great alternative to smoking with more control than most edibles allow you.

Ask your friendly neighborhood budtender what they recommend in terms of consumption methods, and give them specific facts. They may be aware of options you haven’t seen yet.

Flavor of the Month

When you actually hit the dispensary, it’s so easy to just go with what you know. This year, try some new strains. A gram of flower won’t set you back more than $15 at most, so do yourself a favor and see what’s there.

Start by making a list of a few new strains you’d like to try. Take it with you when you shop, so you have somewhere to start.

Ask for recommendations based on what you already know you like, and your goal. For example, maybe you like the mood lift you get from something like Candyland, and the relaxation and pain relief you get from Chemdog or GG4. (If so, let me recommend the Superglue x Bubblegum Chem cross.)

The Herbalist-in-Training

Learn about terpenes and figure out which ones you like. A little research, paired with trial and error, goes a long way here.

Even if you like to mix up lots of different strains, chances are excellent that you’ll be able to see some patterns in terpenes that you favor. This is true even across the tired old indica/sativa divide; sometimes you might find your favorite strains share terpenes even if they appeal to you at different times.

Why bother figuring this out? It’s just another great way to find more of what you love, basically, and expand your canna-palate, if you will.

Hey, it’s 2020. You don’t have to keep your pinky raised all the time or anything, but why not treat yourself?

Enjoy Nature More

Try going for a walk or hiking with a little cannabis. Even just a few laps around the block are, frankly, a lot nicer with the right mindset.

This goes double for camping, and really any outdoor time where you’re not risking life and limb. I, frankly, am curious about hitting yoga or the roller rink, but don’t let me box you in.

Bonus Round

So, you already do all these cannabis New Year’s resolutions, eh? Then make 2020 the year you learn to make your own edibles or grow your own flower. Follow this space for recipes and tips on both, by the way, and have an extremely amazing year.

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