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Best Squonk Mods

squonk mod opened

What is a squonk mod and what is squonking? A squonk mod is a bottom-fed device that is designed to give you an all-in-one vaping experience. Rather than pouring your e-liquid into a tank or RDA on the top of your mod (the traditional way), squonk mods are designed to …

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Best Variable Voltage Mods


All vaping devices are generally divided in two groups: regulated and nonregulated. The later better known as “mechs”. What many people don’t know is that smack in the middle, in the cross section where those two groups meet, a third, quite interesting subgroup exists. Yes, we’re talking about Variable Voltage …

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Best Box Mods

Best Box Mods

2017 has been a great year for vaping tech, with all different kinds of  cool box mods coming out on the market. As someone who has been vaping for many years, I can’t believe the high-quality of today’s mods. The new high-tech features that manufacturers are adding to their box …

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Best Mod Starter Kits

Best box mod starter kits

Mod starter kits are designed to make it as easy as possible to begin vaping with your favorite e-juice. These kits take the guesswork out of vaping by combining a mod with a compatible tank, ensuring that you’ll get a seamless vaping experience right out of the box. If you’re …

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SMOK Alien vs. SMOK Alien Baby

SMOK Alien 220W Kit

SMOK has been doing a great job of creating cool looking, high-performance mod starter kits. Products like the Skyhook, H-PRIV, G-PRIV, and more have helped to cement their reputation in my book. It seems like they’ve avoided the trap of churning out shitty looking pieces of garbage that other companies …

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Smok H-Priv Box Mod Kit Review


The H-Priv is the latest temperature control box mod offering from Smok, one of the most prolific manufacturers of mods and other vaping supplies. Temperature control box mods have been something of a trend in the vaping world today, and the H-Priv is up against some stiff competition, as every …

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Vaporcade Europa Review

Use coupon code VANITY to save 10% on your order at Vaporcade.com. Expires May 1st, 2016 To be completely honest, when I opened the box containing what I was told was a beta version of the Vaporcade Europa mod, I really wanted to hate it.  Why? Because it forces you to …

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Kanger KBOX 200W Review

Kangertech has earned a well-deserved reputation for producing quality vaping products at affordable prices, and their ubiquitous presence in the vaping community is a testament to that. I literally see someone vaping away on a Subox or a Nebox every single time I leave my house. So of course it’s …

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Sigelei Fuchai 200W Box Mod Review

Fuchai Box Mod Review

According to their website and all the lazy e-commerce sites that copy-pasted from their site, Sigelei is bringing the “the vape world to new heights” with the new Fuchai 200W box mod. But is it really? Let’s find out. Technical Specs The most eye-popping feature of the Fuchai is, obviously, the …

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Aspire Odyssey Kit Review


The Aspire Odyssey is not a brand new type of mod, but rather the name given to the kit that merges the Pegasus mod and the Triton tank. This kit combines two of the newest units from Aspire’s lineup into one convenient package. Appearance The Aspire Pegasus mod is available …

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Innokin Cool Fire IV Box Mod Review

cool fire iv review

With the negative news surrounding mech mods these days, more and more people are turning to electronic box mods to fulfill their vaping needs. And if you count yourself among those who aren’t man enough to handle a mechanical (kidding), the latest offering from Innokin is sure to meet your needs. …

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Lotus LE80 Box Mod Review

It’s no secret that while mechanical mods still have a lot of appeal to a certain segment of the vaping population, variable voltage box mods are currently the hottest trend in the world of vaping.  In this saturated market full of companies that are trying to create the best box …

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Aspire Platinum Sub-Ohm Starter Kit Review


The Aspire Platinum Kit is a well put together, excellent starter kit that includes everything that you’ll need to start sub-ohm vaping without any technical knowledge. It includes a carbon fiber sub-ohm battery, Aspire Atlantis sub-ohm tank, USB cable, leather case, and replacement coils. An authentic kit with full warranty …

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IPV4 Box Mod Review

ipv4 box mod

  *UPDATE* This review refers to the original IPV4 which has been discontinued. Get the new and improved IPV4S at MintyVapes. The IPV4 was one of the most highly anticipated regulated box mods to come out in recent memory. While mechanical tube mods are still extremely popular, it’s undeniable that …

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