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Cigpet ECO RDA Review

Cigpet has been gaining a following in the vaping community with their line of incredible sub-ohm tanks, such as the ECO12. Their line of RDA’s isn’t as well-known, but Cigpet is looking to change that with their brand new ECO RDA. Vapers who use RDAs tend to be more experienced …

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Best Mod Starter Kits

Best box mod starter kits

Mod starter kits are designed to make it as easy as possible to begin vaping with your favorite e-juice. These kits take the guesswork out of vaping by combining a mod with a compatible tank, ensuring that you’ll get a seamless vaping experience right out of the box. If you’re …

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Cigpet ECO12 Tank Review

The ECO12 by Cigpet is another competitor in the crowded sub-ohm RTA market. This is a behemoth of a tank, measuring in at 26mm x 65.6mm (including resin drip tip). The tank capacity is a whopping 6.5mL. So clearly this tank is made for those tiny little box mods that barely …

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SMOK Alien vs. SMOK Alien Baby

SMOK Alien 220W Kit

SMOK has been doing a great job of creating cool looking, high-performance mod starter kits. Products like the Skyhook, H-PRIV, G-PRIV, and more have helped to cement their reputation in my book. It seems like they’ve avoided the trap of churning out shitty looking pieces of garbage that other companies …

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Wotofo Conqueror Mini Tank Review

Since their inception in 2009, Wotofo has long been regarded as one of the most high-quality manufacturers of vaping tech. The Serpent RTA, Troll V2, and the Freakshow have all helped cement this company’s reputation. Will their new Conqueror Mini RTA continue their legacy of excellence? Is it worth spending your …

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iJoy eXo XL Tank Review

exo xl tank and accessories

The iJoy eXo XL is an enormous beast of a tank that has been built specifically to accommodate sub-ohm vaping at higher wattage levels. The eXo XL includes some pre-made coils that are built specifically to handle the full capabilities of this tank. Of course, if you’re a vape nerd …

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Digiflavor Lynx RDA Review


*FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, SAVE 10% WHEN YOU BUY THE DIGIFLAVOR LYNX RDA AT HEAVENGIFTS.COM USING COUPON CODE “AHG10″.* In this weeks’ review I’m taking a look at the DigiFlavor Lynx RDA. I’m fairly excited to be reviewing an RDA. With the newfound popularity of RTAs and sub-ohm tanks, …

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Digiflavor Siren 25 GTA Tank Review

*FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, SAVE 10% ON THE DIGIFLAVOR SIREN 25 GTA AT HEAVENGIFTS.COM USING DISCOUNT CODE “AHG10“* Today we’ll be taking a look at the Digiflavor Siren 25 GTA. Digiflavor isn’t nearly as well-known among vapers as some of the other more popular manufacturers of vaping gear, but it …

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OBS Engine RTA Review

OBS Engine RTA.

*FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, SAVE 10% ON THE OBS ENGINE WHEN YOU CLICK THIS LINK AND ENTER DISCOUNT CODE “AHG10“* Vaping technology has been growing at an exponential rate over the past few years, and it’s becoming harder and harder every day for manufacturers to create something that will stand …

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Vaporesso Estoc Tank Mega Review


*Buy the Estoc Tank Mega for only $19.90 at HeavenGifts.com* It’s undeniable that we are currently in the golden age of vaping, where consumers have an abundance of choices when it comes to which type of tank they want to vape with. We have virtually unlimited things to choose from when …

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Aspire Odyssey Kit Review


The Aspire Odyssey is not a brand new type of mod, but rather the name given to the kit that merges the Pegasus mod and the Triton tank. This kit combines two of the newest units from Aspire’s lineup into one convenient package. Appearance The Aspire Pegasus mod is available …

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Sense Herakles Review

Sense Herakles

I recently got my hands on a Sense Herakles sub-ohm tank. If you’ve been vaping for any length of of time, you’ll know that the popularity of sub-ohm vaping has been skyrocketing, and the Sense Herakles has been one of the most hyped up tanks on the market. But does …

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