CBD American Shaman Coupon Codes

Who doesn’t like freebies!

But the world is an unkind place. There are, as they say, no free meals.

So, we have to mostly make do with the next best thing, i.e., a discount!

And, of course, you’d use it, especially when you get a meaty discount on a product that can burn a solid hole in your pocket!

So, CBD lovers here’s your chance to make hay with an attractive coupon code from CBD American Shaman.

How to Use the CBD American Shaman Coupon

  • Visit the brand CBD American Shaman website.
  • Browse through the CBD products offered by the brands.
  • Add the chosen items to your virtual shopping cart.
  • When you check out, put the coupon code in the box meant for codes.
  • You’ll see the amount you have to pay after the discount.
  • Enter your shipping details and pay the rest of the amount.

Restrictions on the Coupon Code

The coupon code applies only to the exclusive range of CBD products offered by the brand CBD American Shaman. You cannot use it to buy products from other CBD brands. Also, you cannot use it on any third-party website. You must apply it on the official brand website.

Remember that you can use the coupon code only once. Also, you cannot club it with any other referral code offered by CBD American Shaman or otherwise.

Will The Code Apply On All Products Across The Site?

Yes. The coupon code is applicable site-wide.

That means you can avail of a discount on all products available on the website by applying this referral code. Since you can apply it to your entire shopping cart, use it wisely. You can save a lot on your monthly CBD shopping if you use it well.

What is the Limit on These Coupon Codes?

This coupon code offers a one-time discount. You can use it only once while buying CBD products from CBD American Shaman. You cannot use it again on your next order, even if it’s within the expiry date. Also, you cannot add any other referral code with this coupon code to avail extra discount.

What if the Coupon Code Doesn’t Work?

Well, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t if you follow all the rules mentioned above. However, if it doesn’t, first check whether you have typed it out correctly. Coupon codes are case-sensitive. So, make sure to key in the letters in their respective cases as shown in the code. It would be best to copy-paste it.

Next, check the expiry date, if any. If nothing works, go to the contact page on the website and give them a call on the given number. You can send an e-mail as well. CBD American Shaman will resolve the issue for sure.

Shipping Policy of CBD American Shaman

In general, CBD American Shaman does not offer free shipping unless the total order crosses $99.

Also, note that if you cannot receive the delivery on the due date, the delivery guy will drop your parcel at the nearest CBD American Shaman warehouse. You must shell out an extra amount to collect the parcel from there. So, you better be available at the time of delivery on the due date!

Bear in mind that this coupon code only applies to cannabis products ordered on this website – not the shipping costs.

Return/Exchange Policy of CBD American Shaman

If you are not satisfied with a product from CBD American Shaman, it offers the following return policy:

  • If you bought the product directly from the brand website, you are eligible for a return and refund within 45 days.
  • If you bought the CBD product at a franchise, you are eligible for a return within 30 days at the franchise only. You must produce the bill.
  • If you bought it from a wholesaler or retailer, you must follow their return policy. Usually, wholesalers or retailers have a 180-day return policy.
  • If you’ve purchased a product with the coupon code and returned it for a refund, you won’t be able to use the code again.

Other Saving Tips

If you or a member of your immediate family is part of the following special services groups, you are eligible for an additional discount.

  • Current military men or women
  • Policemen/women
  • Firefighters
  • Veterans
  • EMTs

You must provide proof of identity of belonging to one of these special services groups to the sales team of CBD American Shaman. Once they verify your ID, they will offer you an additional discount.

About CBD American Shaman

CBD American Shaman uses high-quality concentrated terpene-type CBD oils in its CBD products. Hence, it has become quite popular among CBD lovers. The firm extracts CBD oil from naturally harvested hemp plants. Its CBD products are free of pesticides, gluten, and other impurities.

The primary objective of CBD American Shaman is to improve human life by providing CBD products of high quality. The brand also runs a Compassionate Care program specially designed for veterans and low-income groups.

For an in-depth look at American Shaman including their product reviews, policies, and much more check out our complete American Shaman Review.

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