CBD Benefits for Dogs

If you own a dog, you likely care about its well being. And there are plenty of ways we take care of our dogs these days. Veterinary medicine is a highly specialized and disciplined field. Industries like groomers and pet hotels exist to clean, care for, and sometimes outright pamper our furry friends. There are literal apps to order dog walks as needed. Sometimes we want to treat our pets as well as we treat ourselves. Of course, that means looking out for our pets’ happiness and mental health like our own, too.

Given that we use the nickname “man’s best friend,” we often project many of the trappings of man onto our four-legged companions. We imagine in them feelings of sympathy, humor, or bitterness by way of personalities. We talk to them, make up voices, and ask them “who’s a good boy,” hopefully rhetorically. But there is a deeper connection between human and non-human animals than our assumption of their feelings.

What conditions can CBD help dogs with?

Veterinary studies confirm dogs are known to suffer from anxiety or depression, and develop chronic illnesses similar to our own. There are treatment options available for dogs with PTSD (prevalent in military service dogs, unsurprisingly), separation anxiety, and illnesses like epilepsy and various cancers. In addition to conventional medicine, a number of supplemental or alternative options are being made available for dogs as for humans.

Enter CBD pet products. Often manufactured as treats, food additives, or shampoos, pet CBD products are (predominantly) derived from industrial hemp CBD, and therefore contain trace-to-zero amounts of THC. Industrial hemp CBD is also legal to purchase and possess in all 50 states. So, no, you’re not getting your dog stoned. And, no, you aren’t going to jail.

Where to buy CBD pet treats

Treats are often packaged and sold in small quantities –  about a dozen each – and should be thought of separate from a typical treat stockpile. You shouldn’t offer a CBD treat in exchange for a “shake” or a “lie down.” Food additives come with specific dosage instructions, and should be followed closely. Flavored additives exist, in case your dog has a sensitive palette or is otherwise a stingy eater. Always read all labeling and guidance on CBD product packaging.

As with personal health concerns, it is important to consult a medical expert to determine if CBD products are okay for your pet. Once you get the green light, the best way to buy CBD for your pet is online. VaporVanity recently reviewed popular CBD pet products available, and other research is just a few clicks away. No matter what, start small, start slow, and monitor your pet’s progress when using CBD.

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