CBD Vape Juice: The Future of Medical Cannabis

I’m sure you all remember in the 1999 sci-fi thriller ‘The Matrix’ how the two main characters (Neo and Trinity) could learn difficult skills like kung-fu and piloting a military helicopter within a matter of seconds, only by having a specific program uploaded to their minds.

A future where specially-tailored cannabinoid blends and isolates designed to treat specific ailments are extracted, blended and sold as medicinal CBD e-liquids is probably not very far away. We already possess the technology to do so, and the fervor around exotic cannabinoids like cannabigerol (CBG) and cannabidivarin (CBDV) is growing at a rapid pace.

Part of the issue is supply and demand; for example, to acquire an appreciable amount of CBG, you need to cut the cannabis flowers around three-quarters of the way through the flowering cycle – as this is when CBG is at its peak.

The Transition From Criminal to Medical

The US (and the world) are at a point of great transition regarding cannabis/hemp laws, and as such, there is only so much hemp and high-CBD cannabis currently in production.

As time passes, more plants will become available for extracting specific cannabinoids, scientific knowledge around these (and other, unknown) cannabinoids will grow, and perhaps cross-breeding will result in unique cannabis strains with unusually high levels of these more exotic cannabinoids.

Imagine going to a medical CBD vape store where e-liquids labeled ‘nausea,’ ‘anxiety,’ ‘epilepsy,’ and ‘pain’ are neatly labeled, packaged, and widely distributed. Although pharmaceutical companies may not like the sound of such a cannabis-friendly, utopian-esque society, the snowball is already rolling – and quickly gaining pace.

Instant Gratification with CBD Vape Juice

One of the reasons using CBD e-liquid (also known as ‘vape juice’) is such an effective route of administration is the immediacy of effects. With oral CBD, you have to wait up to an hour or more to realize you over/underdosed. For certain issues such as breakout pain, anxiety, or seizures, this big of a window for error is unacceptable.

Additionally, taking too much CBD can result in mildly unpleasant side-effects such as dry mouth/skin, sleepiness, and lightheadedness – when using CBD vape juice, there is little to no risk of side effects due to the ease of dose management.

When vaping CBD, instant and precision dosing becomes possible – even comfortable. You can take the desired amount of puffs, experience immediate relief, and find your ‘sweet spot’ without breaking a sweat.

CBD E-Liquid Is Sexy

Although not as crucial to those seeking effective relief from chronic illness, the fact remains that vaping has a sensual and enjoyable quality about it. Anyone who has spent time lazing in a dark, hazy hookah lounge can attest to the immense pleasure that entails exhaling giant plumes of tasty vapor from your nose and mouth.

Most are familiar with the Marlboro Man and Joe the Camel, notable figures used by tobacco companies to promote the sex appeal of smoking cigarettes. Interestingly, most people who have smoked cigarettes would agree that there is something about the act that makes you feel ‘cool’ (as ridiculous as it may sound).

While the exact science of the pleasure involved with smoking remains enigmatic, what is for sure is that smoking anything is unhealthy. This fact is yet another reason that vaping holds much promise in the future of medicine – there is no combustion involved, and therefore no inhalation of toxic carcinogens.

When considering the dazzling variety of cannabinoids in existence, it is likely that both prince and pauper alike can find something to love when it comes to vaping CBD e liquid.

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