cbdMD CBD Freeze Review: Unbeatable Value

Pain sucks.

Yup, I said it.

While there are nicer ways to say it, bottom line, it always comes down to pain being awful and anyone who has pain wants to find a way to alleviate it. There’s many different products on the market to alleviate pain. Products range from over the counter pills, such as acetaminophen, to creams, oils and liniments.

Benefits of cbdMD Pain Freeze

As with anything else, some work better than others. On that same note, some work better for some people than others. I was intrigued when I was sent cbdMD CBD Freeze 1,500 mg cold therapy pain relief. It’s a pain relief roll on, which has its benefits right up front, and it’s CBD, which always could be a major bonus.

Having cbdMD CBD Freeze come in a roll on is super handy because it makes application easy. Just pop the top off and roll the cold therapy pain relief onto the affected area. Basically, if you can reach it, you can treat it. cbdMD CBD Freeze has a strong menthol smell, much like all other’s in its class, but the smell dissipates quickly after application, which is another plus.

Now, let me give you a bit of background on me. I use CBD to help with anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain. Over times I’ve tried many different CBD brands and delivery methods, and, as I’ve said before, some work better than others.

I really liked the idea of a roll-on CBD pain relief and I was excited to try it, unfortunately I didn’t have to wait around for a painful episode. I did experience pain relief from cbdMD CBD Free 1,500 mg cold therapy pain relief. I could a combination of the muscles loosening up and numbing at the same time, which is a nice relief from the general ache I was experiencing.

I was also impressed that cbdMD is made in America, as I always try to support American companies.

cbdMD Pain Freeze is excellent for pain relief.

Downsides of cbdMD Pain Freeze

Unfortunately, now I feel we need to discuss what I was not impressed with when I used cbdMD CBD Freeze 1,500 mg cold therapy pain relief.

I have used many over the counter and prescription medications for chronic pain. I did experience pain relief from the cbdMD cold therapy pain relief, but I cannot say that it was different than other over the counter treatments I have tried.

It was effective but no more than others. It had a smell to it, but no more than others. One thing I did not notice when using cbdMD CBD Freeze 1,500 mg cold therapy pain relief was any hint of CBD.

Maybe it was me and I was expecting too much, but I did not notice any difference between regular over the counter cold relief roll-ons and cbdMD’s. Not that not noticing a difference is necessarily a problem, except when you look to the price. I can get a well-known brand of roll-on pain relief for around $25, delivered to my door for a 3-ounce container. cbdMD CBD Freeze 1,500 mg cold therapy pain relief sells for $89.95 for the same size container.

If the price point was in the same range I would have no problem purchasing the cbdMD over the well-known brand that I currently use. But, since there is such a huge price difference, I can’t recommend cbdMD over the popular name brand because it seemingly does not work any differently.

Because I always hate giving a bad review, I wanted to get a second opinion, because maybe it was just my take on cbdMD CBD Freeze. As I’ve said, some work better for some people than they do for others.

So, I tried it out on my husband, who is a combat veteran with various painful parts.

We each used cbdMD CBD Freeze 1,500 mg for a few days and compared notes. He felt the same way that I did. cbdMD CBD Freeze worked as well for each of us as the brand we can pick up at Wal-mart for a fraction of the cost.

Now, I’m not telling you not to give cbdMD a try. It was effective for me, it did do as was promised, but it did not wow me enough to justify the price point. Also, cbdMD CBD Freeze comes in three separate strengths, 300 mg for $27.95, 750 mg for $59.95 in addition to the 1,500 mg for $89.95.

If you are looking for a new topical pain reliever, cbdMD CBD Freeze 1,500 mg cold therapy pain relief is worth a try. Perhaps you will see more benefits than I did to justify the cost.

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