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Historically, the intake method has been one of the biggest stumbling blocks for the
medical marijuana movement, with patients restricted to smoking the herb for its
benefits, and putting up with the smoking side effects. Thankfully, this is no longer
the case, with CBD products available in many other safe forms. In this guide, we will
look at vaping, with a focus on the equipment and CBD e-liquid.

The emergence of CBD and medicinal cannabis oils is helping to take marijuana
mainstream, with its use to treat children with rare epilepsy making national
headlines courtesy of a CNN documentary. Charlotte Figi, a young girl with Dravet’s
syndrome, was administered CBD after other prescription treatments failed, and her
remarkable recovery struck a nerve with the nation, who have since demanded a
novel approach to medical marijuana.

More than half of U.S. states now have some type of marijuana legislation – a few
states have both medical and recreational programs, others have advanced medical
programs and more apprehensive but keen states (particularly traditional
Republican state) have brought in ‘CBD-only’ legislation. Since Colorado became the
first state to legalize recreational marijuana in 2014, a few others have followed suit –
notably California, which voted to do so in November 2016.

vaping cbd

How CBD e-liquid is treating a nation

E-liquids, or electronic liquids, were initially developed for nicotine products, to
encourage smoking cessation – it’s the combustion of plant matter that really causes
harm from smoking, not the nicotine itself. The CBD industry is also on board with e-
juice products to offer users a safer consumption method.

CBD products are derivatives of marijuana, but unlike regular bud or cannabis
products, they are not intoxicating, because they’re either infused with less than the
0.3 percent federal THC limit, or contain no THC whatsoever. THC is a psychoactive
cannabinoid, and the most famous molecule in marijuana, but in such low quantities,
it simply cannot get you stoned. All CBD products sold at meet
federal requirements.

Furthermore, CBD is not physically addictive and there’s no risk of overdosing. So
feel free to enjoy the therapeutic substance in whatever potency you deem necessary.
Large doses of CBD can be very sedating, and you may find the effects level off at
some point.

vaping cbd

Why should I vape CBD e-juice?

Inhaling vapor is the fastest way of getting CBD into your bloodstream, as it’s
absorbed through the lungs. For those dealing with sharp onsets of pain, slow-release
edibles and creams cannot deliver the near-instant relief that vaping CBD e-liquid
provides. The body does develop a tolerance to CBD over time, but with low, mid and high potency e-liquids, you’ll always be able to find
an appropriate product.

Slow-release products are better when you need a long medicating session, perhaps
to treat insomnia issues. Creams, on the other hand, are perfect for combatting
localized aches, pains and skin issues.

CBD vape oil can be enjoyed flavored, unflavored and combined (usually) with other
e-liquids. Advanced users look to perfect their concoctions for efficient medicating
and maximum taste. The majority of CBD e-liquid sold in the United States is
manufactured using CBD extracted from industrial hemp. A peculiar strain in the
cannabis sativa family, hemp has very low levels of THC.

However, because CBD concentrations also happen to be quite low, a lot of plant
material is required to produce CBD oil products. Therefore, the best CBD vape oil
companies use the first-class CO2 extraction method to guarantee purity in the oil.

vaping cbd

How to use CBD vape oil

As you become more experienced with CBD vaping, you’re bound to pick up tricks to
perfect your medicating sessions. For novices, try the following:

Shake the bottle: Before you do anything, shake your CBD e-liquid bottle to
dislodge any residue that may have accumulated at the bottom of the container.

Use a low-strength product: Start out with a low-strength CBD e-juice, perhaps
only 25mg total CBD. Fill your tank with 15 to 20 drops of vape oil, or invest in
disposable cartridges which make for a much cleaner vape experience.

Slow, relaxed inhales: Every vaporizer will come with its own, specific vaping
instructions, so be sure to follow these. Otherwise, we suggest first-timers take it
slow with steady draws and increase the dosage only when comfortable.

Who should take CBD e-liquid?

Various mental and physical ailments can be eased with CBD. The molecule’s anti-
inflammatory qualities make it a possible treatment for arthritis, while its
anticonvulsant properties tackle dangerous seizures. There are few viable medicines
for anxiety and depression, and many are hearing about the anxiolytic and anti-
depressant features of CBD and giving it a try.

Vaporizers, especially portable devices and vape pens, offer users very discreet CBD
consumption. Blazing up at work or in public would never be realistic, but vaping
doesn’t attract anywhere near the same attention. And most would assume that
you’re vaping general nicotine e-liquid, not a cannabis derivative, if that’s your

Why vaping is safecbd e-liquid bottles

Vaping has its detractors, with some accusing it of being as dangerous as smoking.
But the facts show up these mistruths for what they are.

For starters, inhaling a cool vapor with no burning is clearly far less risky than
inhaling burning plant matter with well-known carcinogenic side effects. Also, when
smoking marijuana, cannabinoids are often loss through the burning. Therefore, no-
burn vaping is a more conservative and efficient way of medicating.

Check out our list of the best CBD vape oils, edibles, vape pens, and pet treats to find out which one best meets your unique needs.

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