Check Out the New “Truth About Vaping” TV Commercial

With all of the anti-vaping commercials on TV these days I’m surprised that it took this long to get the pro-vaping side represented on TV. This commercial is short and to the point, which is good because the type of people who tend to watch a lot of TV usually have the attention span of a fruit fly.

The only downside is how it contradicts itself by saying that vaping isn’t harmful, and then saying that it’s 96% less harmful than smoking. Even the average retarded couch potato can see that the 96% number means that vaping is at least a little bit harmful. Even if you look past the obvious contradiction, claiming that vaping is completely harmless REALLY doesn’t help the vaping movement. It puts this commercial on the level of the “chill out it’s just water vapor” bros who give us all a bad name.

Other than that, it does a good job of laying out the pro-vaping argument in a concise commercial. I’m looking forward to the next one.


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