Cigavette Review – A Variety of Choices

Hey, can I bum a Cigavette?

Sounds a little funny, but it beats the heck out of bumming a nasty ole cigarette.

Cigavette makes a variety of disposable electronic cigarettes, with a variety of flavors. They even offer electronic cigars. And if you or someone you know smokes cigars, you know how overpowering the smell can be. How cool would it be to still be able to “smoke” one, without that everlasting stink?

Cigavette also offers rechargeable vaporizers with disposable, prefilled cartridges.

Cigavette sent me an assortment of products to try. Those include two Cuvana E-Cigars ( one is zero nicotine, the other is a 12 mg), flavored e-hookah disposables (Choclatini, Watermelon Cooler, Strawberry Daiquiri, Berrylicious and Peach Bellini), an Ultimate Mini Starter Pack of the rechargeable vaporizer with 0 mg Fresh Mint Menthol disposable cartridges and a Premiere Starter Pack with 12 mg nicotine disposable cartridges. They also included 6 mg and 0 mg.

Cuvana E-Cigars

Let’s start at the top with the Cuvana E-Cigars. You just pop these guys out of the packaging and take a puff. No charging, no button to press, just inhale.

The Cigavette Cuvana E-Cigars offer a very strong hit like a traditional cigar. The end lights up red, as a regular cherry would.

These are handy and easy to use. Honestly, the only draw back I could see is that I was sent to very different strengths, 12 mg of nicotine and 0 mg, and I could not find anything on the packaging telling me which one was which.

With a bit of a “taste test” I was able to narrow it down, but packaging should still be labeled. I’ve been using these Cuvana E-Cigars for more than a week, on and off, and they are still going strong.

Cigavette lists these as 1,800 puffs, with a two year shelf life. They sell for $29.95, which is pretty steep for one disposable device, in my opinion, but they do offer the experience of smoking a cigar without the yuckiness.

Cuvana e-cigar
Cuvana e-cigar

Flavored E-Hookahs

The flavored E-Hookahs sell for $8.99 and offer flavor and 11 mg of nicotine.

They have a little button to press in the middle, just south of where the filter would end on a traditional cigarette and you get the nicotine and flavor. Just press the button and inhale. No charging or wasting time. I found the flavors to be true to the names, with Choclatini being the strongest (and my personal favorite) and Strawberry Daquiri being the lightest.

I wasn’t able to try Watermelon Cooler, because it didn’t work out of the packaging. For $8.99 I think they are a pretty good deal, you just pop open the package and puff away and when it drains down you toss it.

Cigavette’s just plan ol’ disposable is also a just pop open the package and puff device. No buttons, no charging and toss when you are done. They are offered in two different strengths, medium at 18 mg nicotine and light at 12 mg.

I was sent both and they feel like a ultra light traditional cigarette, just a tad longer. They are just a bit heavier than a traditional smoke but not at all uncomfortable. I would say the 12 mg tastes like an ultra light cigarette and the 18 mg like a light traditional cigarette.

Cigavette lists them as 500 puffs and they go in the trash when they run out. Not too shabby.

I’ve been puffing away on these for days and the cherry still lights up red and the flavor is still there. Not slowing down yet. I’m pretty impressed. They sell for $20.97 for a three pack, and other package deals are available.

Not a bad deal when one is going to last probably longer than a package of smokes. And where I live one pack of smokes is going to run you more than $6, it works out financially to buy the Cigavette and its cleaner and not nasty.

Cigavette flavored e-hookah
Cigavette flavored e-hookah

Rechargeable E-Cigarettes

Now lets talk about the Cigavette Rechargeable E-Cigarette.

I was impressed from the time I opened the package. It’s extremely light and feels just like a regular cigarette, with the length of a 100. The Cigavette Rechargeable E-Cigarette Starter Kit comes with two battery packs, which are the length of the cigarette, a charger, a carrying case and a box of five “filters.”

You can get your Cigavette Rechargeable E-Cigarette Starter Kit to look like a traditional cigarette or in black. For $29, you get everything you need, even to batteries so that you can always have a charged one in your case. And I can tell you, these batteries last and last. I have yet had to charge one and I’ve been hitting it like mad, trying to drain it.

Cigavette says that the box of five filter cartridges is the equivalent of 125 traditional cigarettes. Let me do the math for ya, that 12 ½ packs of smokes.

For $29.

And, after you get your batteries and charger in the starter pack you can order just the five pack of cartridges for $13. Cartridges are available in tobacco or menthol and a range of nicotine strengths: 0 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg and 24 mg. The Ultimate Mega Starter Pack Rechargeable Vaporizer sells for $29.95 and includes the device, the charger, carrying case and pack of 5 cartridges.

These cartridges are available in the same strengths as the Cigavette Rechargeable Cigarette and in both tobacco and menthol. A box of five disposable cartridges sells for $25.

This is a nifty little device, which provides a good hit but I can’t help but think the design is strange. No light up cherry, which is neither here or there, but there’s a screw on piece over the filter, which, I guess, completes the look, but to me it’s just something in the way. The battery on this also lasts for ages, which is always awesome.

Cigavette rechargeable e-cigarettes
Cigavette rechargeable e-cigarettes

The Cigavette tobacco isn’t harsh and is pretty dang smooth in all the flavors and strengths I was able to try, with the exception of the Cuvana E-Cigar.

But, cigars are supposed to be a little harsher, so it is as it should be.

If you are looking to quit smoking, or if you want a back up, check out Cigavette. Cigavette offers the feel and taste of smoking, but without the nasty side effects.

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