Cigpet ECO RDA Review

Cigpet has been gaining a following in the vaping community with their line of incredible sub-ohm tanks, such as the ECO12.

Their line of RDA’s isn’t as well-known, but Cigpet is looking to change that with their brand new ECO RDA.

Vapers who use RDAs tend to be more experienced cloud chasers and thus way more demanding when it comes to their expectations when compared to the average tank vaper.

So how does the Cigpet ECO RDA compare to the competition? Is it worth the money? Let’s find out.

The rainbow drip tip is a nice touch that gives the ECO a unique look.


The version I have is a gorgeous reflective stainless steel with a rainbow-colored resin drip tip. It looks really cool on just about any box mod, but I noticed that black-colored mods in particular really made this RDA stand out the most due to the contrast.

This decent-sized RDA measures in at 24mm diameter and 41mm tall.

The airflow adjustment rings have little grooves for easy airflow adjustment. The 24k gold-plated 510-pin is *not* adjustable, but I found that it performs great anyway.

This small, no frills packaging contains a phenomenal little RDA.

Build deck

The deck features two large Velocity-style post holes. The 3mm holes themselves are nice and roomy, giving you plenty of space for even the craziest builds.
The spaciousness of the deck makes this RDA ideal for cloud-chasing and flavor-chasing. When you open up both airflow slots, the amount of vapor production is incredible.  If you choose to keep only one airflow open, it feels a little bit constricted and you’ll sacrifice some of those clouds.

One really sweet aspect of the Cigpet ECO is that the posts use Phillips head screws. Thank God. Nothing worse than trying to keep track of yet another uniquely-sized allen wrench that I’m guaranteed to lose when I need it.

The best place to buy your Cigpet ECO RDA is at They sell authentic Cigpet ECO RDAs for $29.90.

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