Cigpet ECO12 Tank Review

The ECO12 by Cigpet is another competitor in the crowded sub-ohm RTA market.

This is a behemoth of a tank, measuring in at 26mm x 65.6mm (including resin drip tip). The tank capacity is a whopping 6.5mL. So clearly this tank is made for those tiny little box mods that barely fit in the palm of your hand. You could use it on one of those, of course, but it would look pretty weird.


So, first things first, this tank is obviously designed with cloud chasers in mind. It’s capable of firing up to an incredible 400W, which is pretty much completely insane. Does anyone *actually* vape at that high of a wattage level? I guess some people might, but for me personally I find that my sweet spot is at a much lower wattage level, typically around 100 watts or so. But you guys might be more hardcore than I am. In which case this is the perfect tank for you.

The coolest thing about the Cigpet ECO12 is that you get *six* different coil options. There are five prebuilt coils with resistances ranging from 0.11-0.15 ohm, and wattage ranging from 180-400W maximums. So the prebuilt options are fairly robust and will your needs regardless of how you like to vape. That’s pretty damn sweet.

The sixth option is a large, easy to use rebuildable deck that is capable of handling dual coil builds. So for all you vape nerds out there (no judgment, I’m one myself), you’ll get plenty of room to tinker with all of those different crazy builds and figure out what works best for  you.

To swap out the coils, all you need to do is unscrew the tank from the base, take the tank off, and put in a new one. Yes, it really is *that simple*. Cigpet has made one of the biggest chores in vaping as easy as possible, and for that reason alone it would be more than worth the price tag.


The ECO12 is a phenomenal tank that is great for cloud chasers. The size of the clouds that I got out of this beast of a tank were absolutely insane. I tried it on a few different box mods including the KBOX 200, iJoy Quad Maxo, SMOK Alien, and SMOK H-PRIV, and it performed just as well on all of them.

It might be a little too big for some of the smaller box mods. It’ll fit on anything that has a 510 threading, but something huge like this will look kinda weird on something like a Serpent Wotofo. But that’s just my personal preference.

The best place to buy the Cigpet ECO12 is at for $34.90.


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