Cirro by Everoll Review: Should You Buy?

Cirro by Everoll. Where do I begin? Have you ever gotten a new device and really wanted to like it? But, no matter how many times you tried it, you just didn’t? That’s my experience with Cirro by Everoll.

Cirro is a dry herb vaporizer. If you aren’t familiar with this technology, it’s a device that you put dry herbs into (and keep in mind there are many perfectly legal herbs to use, and you can even use plain tobacco), it heats up and you inhale the vapor. I have tried a handful of dry herb vaporizers (such as the Cloudious9) and been more and more impressed with each one. That is, until I tried the Cirro by Everoll.


Now, when I initially unboxed the Cirro by Everoll I was impressed. It’s a nice looking, small and fits in the palm of your hand device. I liked the look and feel of it. But, right off I was confused on how to use the dang thing.

It’s got a hidden mouthpiece. Which, in and of itself is pretty cool, but I start to loose faith in an item when I have to dig out the instruction manual just to figure out something simple. In this case, the hidden mouthpiece, which you have to hit a little blended in button to expose. Ok, I’m having doubts right off the bat, but I want to give the Cirro by Everoll the benefit of the doubt.

Everoll Cirro
Everoll Cirro dry herb vaporizer.

Ease of Use

So, I plug this little guy in. It charges fast, which is a big selling point. I got it charged up and set it down. When I went back to it two days later, the Cirro by Everoll was dead. Dang it. Lost points on that one. So, I plug it back in with the included USB charging cable and am back in business within 30 minutes or so.

Now, the Cirro by Everoll has a nice feature that I haven’t seen in other dry herb vaporizers. It has a built in storage chamber in the bottom. Nothing like being prepared. Cirro by Everoll got points for the storage chamber.

So, I get out my Feeling Fine by Vapor Brother, which is a blend of damiana, peppermint and lemon balm. Now, this is a slick feature of the Cirro by Everoll. To get to the heating chamber, you have to rotate the top part of the device. So, I opened it up, rotated it and put in my herbal blend.

Remember when using a dry herb vaporizer that it’s important to use herbs that are very well ground. This allows them to heat up properly in the chamber and prevent burning. Now I’m ready to use the Cirro by Everoll and let me tell you, I’m confused. There’s one button on this baby and it does it all. Not only is it the power button, but it also adjusts the temperature.

It took another trip to the instruction manual to figure this out. The Cirro by Everoll has four set tempratures, which are set by pressing the button and watching the appropriate corresponding lights. The lowest is 374 degree, then 392 degrees, 410 degrees and 428 degrees.

Make sure to do some research to determine what temperature you need for your herbal mixture. A Google search will usually answer that question for you.

Everoll Cirro
The Everoll Cirro has a stunning, high-end appearance but is not easy to use.


Now, I hit the power button and try to set my temperature. This little Cirro by Everoll is vibrating in my hand and these little red lights are blinking and I’m just trying to figure out what to do. When I finally manage to get it set, I go to take a hit and it starts vibrating again and blinking at me.

At this point I’m getting frustrated as all get out. So, I set it down and decide to come back to it in a minute when I’ve walked off my frustration. And I go through the entire blinking light and vibrating Cirro again. I’ve got a nasty taste in my mouth and I am severely not impressed with this device.


Another trip to the instruction manual. After dinking around with the Cirro by Everoll I am not at all enjoying my Feeling Fine blend by Vapor Brothers and I am not happy with the Cirro. So, I wanted to know how much this bad boy costs.

Most sights I found the Cirro by Everoll on put it around $100. Had I paid $100 for the Cirro by Everoll, I would have been ticked. Basically, it is just a pain in my butt.

No matter how many times I went back and tried to use it I had the whole blinking light and vibrating almost out of my hand game again. No thanks.

There are plenty of other dry herb vaporizers on the market worth a try. Now, that doesn’t mean that you won’t think it’s totally awesome. I was impressed by the rotating top to get to the heating chamber and the storage chamber in the base.

While it was a pain when I didn’t know where it was, the hidden mouthpiece also has its benefits. So, from where I stand I would say that the Cirro by Everoll has a nice design, with many attractive features, but usage is a completely nightmare.

If you are down for vibrating and blinking, give it a go. As for me, I won’t be using it again. I’ve had enough of the headache.

Learn more about the Cirro at The best place to buy the Cirro is from

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