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Cloudious 9 manufactures one of the most popular water-filtered dry herb vapes out there: the Hydrology 9. The Hydrology 9 is manufactured from some of the highest quality components and is designed to give you pure, flavorful, water-filtered vapor every time.

About Cloudious 9

Cloudious 9 was established by a team of engineers and designers who wanted to bring something unheard of to the vaporizer market: a dry herb vape with water filtration.

While there are now competitors to the Hydrology 9, it’s undeniable that the Cloudious 9 team are the ones who started the trend. Their commitment to continuous improvement means that we can expect to see more innovative new products from this company soon.

Cloudious 9 products

  • Hydrology 9 – This flagship vaporizer is what put Cloudious 9 on the map. The Hydrology 9 was designed with painstaking attention to detail. Every single aspect of this dry herb vaporizer is the result of countless tests and revisions. The engineers and design team at Cloudious 9 put tons of effort into giving you a vaporizer unlike any other.
  • Hydrology 9 leather carrying case – Made from soft genuine leather, this carrying case is the perfect complement to your Hydrology 9 vaporizer. It’s a great way to protect it from wear and tear while traveling.
  • Accesories – Cloudious 9 also sells spare parts and accessories for the Hydrology 9.

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