Cloudious9 Hydrology9 Vaporizer Review

*UPDATE* The Hydrology9 has officially been released and is available for purchase. There is a LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE and it’s expected to sell out quickly, so click on the link above to get your hands on this incredible vaporizer while you still can.

Everything that comes in the box with the Hydrology9.

Today we’ll be taking a look at an exclusive pre-release herbal vaporizer: The Hydrology9 by Cloudious9.

This futuristic looking vaporizer includes a built-in water filtration system, preset temperature settings, and lots of fancy-schmancy LED lights. But at an expected retail price of at least $250, will it be worth the money? At that price range it’s competing with more well-known and established vaporizers like the PAX 3 and the Firefly 2.

Let’s take an in-depth look and find out.

Hydrology9 with accessory boxes.
Hydrology9 with accessory boxes.


As soon as you open the box, you’ll notice that the Hydrology9 looks nothing like any other vaporizer you’ve used before. It looks vaguely like a lava lamp/lightsaber. This super-futuristic looking vape has a truly innovative and breathtaking appearance and is crafted out of anti-rust spacegrade aluminum alloy casing and borosilicate glass. With all of the similar-looking, cheap, plastic vapes on the market today it’s nice to see that Cloudious9 is unabashedly going after the high-end of the market with this one.

And THANK GOD that they didn’t go with the tired cliche of trying to make a “high-end” vaporizer that uses the same old Apple-inspired minimalist design aesthetic. Look, it’s undeniable that minimalist looking devices can be beautiful. But at this point that type of gadget design philosophy is really played out. I’m really excited to see someone that is going for a more science fiction inspired high-tech looking type of appearance.  It’s really evident that the Cloudious9 design team put a shit ton of effort behind the aesthetics of this device instead of copying the tried-and-true, yet oh so boring method. This thing looks like it could have been designed by NASA or SpaceX. About as far from Apple-type design as you can get.

The front of the unopened Hydrology9 box.

It’s important to note that this stunning science fiction-looking vaporizer is ENORMOUS. It stands at about 7” tall when fully assembled with a diameter of 1.5”. So while this is technically a portable vaporizer, it’s not exactly something that you’ll just throw in your back pocket as you go about your day.

Looking at all of that glass, you might be concerned with the possibility of breakage. Trust me, that glass is really thick. Unless you’re planning on hurling the Hydrology9 at a brick wall you have nothing to worry about.

Overall, everything about the appearance of the Cloudious9 screams high-end. You should expect to be receiving a ton of attention and questions from friends when you bust this thing out at a party. As of right now, there really is nothing like it out there in the vaping world today. I’m already a fan and I haven’t even gotten to reviewing the performance yet.

Let’s throw some herbs in this bad boy and see how it vapes.

It's a bit large for a portable vape, so if you're looking for something easy to carry around look elsewhere.
It’s a bit large for a portable vape, so if you’re looking for something easy to carry around look elsewhere.



Ok so first things first when it comes to performance. We all know that there is one main feature that makes the Hyrdology9 stand out from the competition, and it’s that feature that you’re most interested in reading about. I’m talking about, of course, the water filtration technology.

As far as I know there aren’t any herbal vaporizers that include this bong-inspired feature, so it’s really neat to be able to try this out for the first time. As any experienced herbal vaper is aware, vaping already creates a much smoother vapor and a cleaner draw when compared to smoking the herb. The addition of water filtration to that already smooth vaping experience that you know and love only serves to make it even better.  The water helps to cool the vapor and make it even smoother and easier on the lungs. After vaping with the Hydrology9 I don’t know if I’ll be able to go back to vaping with non-water filtration equipped vape. It’s that good.

This is the dial you turn to stir the herbs. Insanely convenient.

I would definitely recommend using filtered or bottled water when filling up the Hydrology9 so you can eliminate any effect on the flavor caused by imperfections in the water supply. If you live in an area where the tap water is hard, it’ll also save you the hassle of cleaning up the extra mess that hard water can cause.

The battery life is solid. While using it a few times per day I found that I only needed to charge it a couple times per week and that it took a few hours to achieve a full charge after the battery is fully drained.

You get two separate air intake slots to help adjust the airflow. I really liked the location and ease of adjustment on these vents. Airflow is such an important aspect of vaping and it’s something that is extremely person for each individual vaper. You might like a tighter airflow and your buddy might prefer a looser one. The airflow adjustment vents give you each the exact vaping experience you prefer.

The built-in stir stick tool allows you to stir your herb around without opening the vaporizer. Simply turn the little dial at the bottom of the unit to rotate the hook that moves your herb around inside the heating chamber. After using this feature a few times I’m surprised that this isn’t a standard feature on all herbal blend vaporizers. A common point of friction in vaping is the fact that you have to open up the unit and use a separate stirring tool to rotate your herb, then close it up and start vaping again. This built-in tool eliminates that friction point. Honestly it works so well that I wouldn’t be surprised to find in a few years time that it’s standard issue in all herbal vapes.

The magnetic cap on the top is a nice touch.

Bottom Line

For too long the herbal vape market has been at a standstill. The technology was good enough and no one felt the need to add any new features or improve on the design. People kept buying what was on the market, and there was no incentive for anyone to mix things up when the profits kept rolling in.

No longer.

With the Hydrology9, manufacturer Cloudious9 is sending a message that this is the new standard in herbal vaporization. If other companies want to stay relevant in the years to come, they’re going to need to match the quality and design of the Hydrology9.

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