Congress Just Passed a Bill That Will Legalize CBD at the Federal Level: How Will it Affect You?

A new agriculture bill passed by Congress on Wednesday will make hemp completely legal at the federal level in the United States if it is signed into law.

This law would remove all of that ambiguity and make CBD completely legal throughout the United States. How does that affect you? Consumers will likely enjoy (even more) unique products, since the CBD-in-everything trend is unlikely to slow down anytime soon and will likely pick up if this law is officially passed. The bill also allows farmers to legally grow hemp.

CBD is one of the most popular (and most profitable) components of the hemp plant. The legal mess surrounding CBD consists of a patchwork of wildly different state and local-level laws, combined with an ambiguous situation regarding the legality of the popular cannabinoid from the federal government.

Hemp Bombs CBD Oil
This bill will be a boon for CBD companies who have been facing an uncertain legal environment.

Why this is huge news

Although consumers have been able to buy CBD products in the 47 states where it’s currently legal, manufacturers and customers still face an uncertain legal situation. The DEA previously classified CBD as a Schedule I drug, meaning that it has no known medical value and poses a risk of addiction. Other drugs that are classified as Schedule I include heroin and LSD.

cannabis in front of a Nevada sample ballot
Now that recreational and medical marijuana is becoming legal throughout the US, public perceptions of CBD are changing as well.

Fortunately times are changing. Alongside the increased acceptance of medical and recreational marijuana has come a bevy of research extolling the benefits of CBD. Consumers and medical professionals alike are using the non-psychoactive component of the hemp (and marijuana) plants to treat conditions and symptoms ranging from inflammation and pain to arthritis and anxiety. But the most clear-cut and convincing research revolves around it’s use in seizure treatment. CBD oil has clearly been proven to reduce the frequency of seizures in epilepsy patients.

Marijuana products in front of dollar bills
The 2018 Farm Bill is huge news for CBD companies who are poised to make a huge windfall when the current legal restrictions are removed.

The 2018 Farm Bill is a comprehensive package of programs that will affect almost every aspect of farming and food production. The Senate just passed the bill and it is currently awaiting a signature from President Donald Trump, who is expected to sign it.

The bill will allow each state to decide if they will allow the sale of CBD within its borders. Importantly, the bill will also give companies the ability to transport hemp across state lines. This means that interstate CBD commerce will finally be completely legal.

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