Could it Happen Here? Malaysian Police “Narcotics Department” Confiscates 574 Bottles of E-Juice

Malaysian police proudly pose with confiscated e-juice. Motherfuckers.

The latest news from Malaysia shows what could be in our future if the anti-vaping assholes win. In Batu Pahat, the district police Narcotics Department seized 574 bottles of e-juice and arrested four individuals on suspicion of illegally selling the liquid. The juice that was confiscated was worth approximately $6,683 USD.

For those of you who think it can’t happen here because Malaysia is a shithole and we have “democracy”, remember that our government decided to ban marijuana, a completely harmless plant, less than a hundred years ago and it’s still illegal in most states. In fact marijuana used to be completely legal, then in 1906 “common-sense” regulations were imposed, followed by outright banning of the substance in the 1920’s. Sound similar? That’s because it’s the playbook that anti-vapers are operating from today in their attempts to ban vaping. Slowly chip away at it with regulations, make sure the public views it as a “poison”, and then eventually ban it in the interest of “public health”.

Substitute bottles of e-juice for the weed and you have the potential future of vaping in America. How will these American heroes justify their existence if they can’t confiscate harmless shit?

Mark my words, if we don’t stop the upcoming regulations, stories of police confiscation of vaping supplies won’t just be a third-world curiosity that we can all chuckle at, but will be our reality here in America.

Is it time to start getting ready for the vapepocalypse? You might not want to go full-on Doomsday Prepper status (unless you’re comfortable being a weirdo who never gets laid), but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to learn how to DIY and stock up on a few bottles of PG and VG and a quality mechanical mod that will never break down just in case.

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