Buy This Dragon Ball Z Themed RDTA if You Never Want to Get Laid Ever Again

Just when you thought vaping couldn’t get any nerdier, China decided to go ahead and create a Dragon Ball RDTA.

Yep, it’s exactly what it sounds like. A tank that looks exactly like a dragon ball from Dragon Ball Z.


This tank is really, really cool because if you were worried that your vaping habit was only repelling 95% of the female population, now you can buy this tank and you’ll be able to ensure that 100% of women will never want to touch your pee-pee. There’s nothing quite like combining two nerdy habits into one massive cluster of shame and social awkwardness.

In all seriousness, the pictures on the FumyTech website make it look like it might actually be a decent tank and not just a novelty device for Dragon Ball Z fans. If you’re brave enough to take the plunge and buy one of these bad boys, just make sure that you never, ever, take it out in public under any circumstances. Like all nerdy habits the Dragon Ball Z and vaping combo is best enjoyed behind closed (preferably locked) doors.

For you nerds who are super-excited about this tank, there’s still no word yet on which retailers will be stocking this vagina-repellent device. I’m sure it’ll be available for sale soon though.

Learn more about the Dragon Ball RDTA at


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