Dabado Bolt Vaporizer Review

Dabado Bolt Review
Dabado Bolt with all accessories.


If you couldn’t guess by the name of the company, Dabado makes vaporizers that are specifically designed for dabbing. These are not the same as the e-liquid vapes that VaporVanity primarily focuses on, but we’re happy to review any quality vaping product. If dabbing isn’t your thing, this isn’t the review for you.

The Bolt is a new portable E-rig that is easy enough for a beginner to figure out but still manages to provide an elite level of performance that will satisfy even the most advanced dabbers. A lot of people are a little too intimidated to start dabbing because of all the accessories that you need just to get started. The Bolt solves that problem by including most of the parts you need right in the box. It is literally an all-in-one dabbing kit.

Ease of Use

Dabado Bolt Glass
Glass portion of the Bolt.

Remember the part where I said that the Bolt was beginner friendly?

Once you make sure that the Bolt is assembled, charged up and ready to go, you tap the power button three times to get it to start heating up. That’s it. The green light that turns on is the indication that the Bolt has reached the first

heat setting. I’ve found that the first heat setting was more than enough for dabbing the vast majority of material and didn’t see much of a need to go beyond to the higher heat levels. But as always, everyone’s personal preference varies and you might want to bump it up to the next level, especially if you’re dabbing material that has a lot more wax in it.

Once the Bolt gets to the first heat setting and you see that green light, go ahead and tap the button three more times to take it to the next level. You can keep bumping  up the heat level all the way up to an incredible 980 degrees Fahrenheit (526 degrees Celsius). It’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever need that much heat, but it’s always nice to have the option.

Dabado Bolt Base
Dabado Bolt base. A little heavy, but well-constructed.


The included battery is a 2600 mAh rechargeable that provides more than enough power for all your dabbing needs. This battery is replaceable if need be. It takes approximately 30 seconds to heat up the titanium dish, and I found that the 50 dabs that Dabado claims you can get out of a full charge to be fairly accurate, as I always end up in the 40-60 range.


It’s clear that the Dabado Bolt is a well-constructed piece of equipment. While it may be possible to find a cheap off-brand portable e-nail that looks similar, nothing compares to the real thing. All of the components seem to be expertly crafted and designed with the hardcore dabbing enthusiast in mind.

I ended up trying out the gold color. I haven’t had the opportunity to look at the other colors in person, but I can vouch for the fact that the gold one really makes an impression. It looks high-end and expensive. In fact, most of my friends (who hadn’t heard of the Bolt) thought for sure that I was dabbing with a $500 e-nail. They were blown away when they found out how much it actually costs.

Bottom line

The Dabado Bolt is an excellent addition to the new portable e-nail category of dabbing vaporizers. I highly recommend it to both new dabbers as well as advanced stoners who want something for their on-the-go dabbing needs. Get the Dabado Bolt at DabadoVaporizers.com.

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