The DabTech Daborizer is a unique type of vape pen known as a concentrate straw. You may have also heard them referred to as nectar collectors, honey straws, or nectar straws. Instead of loading the wax into a heating chamber like with a standard vape pen; with the Daborizer you’ll dip the heating tip directly into the wax and inhale from the mouthpiece located at the opposite end. It’s important to note that the Daborizer, like most of the enail products that DabTech sells, is designed for wax concentrates only. That means that you won’t be able to vape dry herbs or e-liquids with this unit.

The upside to concentrate straws like the Daborizer is that they are extremely small and portable. This makes it really easy to carry with you in a backpack or purse for on-the-go dabbing. They’re also extremely convenient. You don’t need to mess around with complicated heating chambers that are a pain in the ass to load and keep clean. All you need to do is dip the heating element into the wax and you’ll be enjoying your favorite dabs in no time at all. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Daborizer on table with accessories


The Daborizer has a similar appearance to most other commonly available concentrate straws that are on the market today. One cool design feature that makes this unit stand out from the competition is the fact that it’s shaped in a square column rather than the more common round, cylindrical shape. I found that the square shape actually made it really ergonomic and made it easier to hold on to compared to cylindrical pens, but as with most things in the vaping world it’s a matter of personal preference. I find that it gives off a nice, sleek appearance that makes it really feel like a premium device. You’re definitely getting your money’s worth with this purchase.

One other noteworthy feature is that the Daborizer uses a water bubbler as it’s mouthpiece. The bubbler is removable and it attaches to the battery securely, so there is no risk of it falling off and breaking. The bubbler is about as large as the battery base, but it doesn’t look ridiculous when fully assembled. I actually found that it gives of a high-tech, premium vibe that really complements the rest of the DabTech design aesthetic.

The Daborizer also comes with a cool hardshell protective carrying case so you can keep it safe while traveling.

Dabtech Daborizer in hand


The Daborizer is by far one of the fastest ways to vape concentrates that I’ve ever tried. It takes only a few short seconds to heat up, and it stayed hot long enough for me to completely consume the dab every time. There’s not much more you can ask for when it comes to the heating element.

While the quality of the vapor isn’t going to be as good as a real e-rig like the DabTech Elite Pro or the Dabado Bolt Pro 2, it’s still phenomenal and much better than the quality you’d get from a standard wax vape pen. The glass bubbler does an excellent job of filtering the vapor, giving you a cool and crisp flavor every single time. It’s a great way for people without a lot of dabbing experience to see what they’ve been missing. You’ll never go back to using a regular wax vape pen ever again.

If you’re the type of person who likes to tweak settings on your vaporizers then you’re going to be disappointed. The Daborizer only has one heat setting. In my opinion, the heat setting is perfect and I wouldn’t change anything about it. But the lack of customization could be a dealbreaker for some. It definitely lacks a lot of the features that dab rigs have, but it’s also not trying to compete with them.

The battery life on the Daborizer is absolutely incredible. You’ll get an average of eighty sessions out of each full charge. That kind of battery life should be more than sufficient for just about anyone. If you need to get more than eighty sessions out of a single battery charge then you definitely consume more dabs than I do, and that’s saying a lot.

The airflow, combined with the water bubbler, makes this one of the smoothest-hitting concentrate straws on the market today. If you’re a fan of smooth, cool vapor and hate the harshness that is commonly associated with dabbing; then the Daborizer is the perfect product for you.

How to use the Daborizer

  1. Attach the glass bubbler to the Daborizer base and fill it with water
  2. Load your wax into a container (like the one that is included)
  3. Press the power button five times to activate the Daborizer
  4. Dip the heating tip into the wax while holding down the power button.
  5. Inhale from the mouthpiece and enjoy!

Bottom line

The Daborizer is one of the best ways to enjoy wax without shelling out for a full-price e-rig. Let’s face it: dabbing is the most potent form of marijuana consumption, but it can be pricey. Then after you spend all that cash you have to deal with the steep learning curve that dabbing requires. The DabTech Daborizer is super-easy to use. You don’t need to worry about using a complicated atomizer or heating coil. Every aspect of this device is completely intuitive and the performance is top notch. As far as taste goes, the vapor is flavorful and high-quality. If you’re new to dabbing, or if you’re experienced and you want to try something different, the Daborizer is the best choice for you. It’s awesome to see a company that spends as much effort on cheaper products as they do with their premium flagship offerings. DabTech is definitely a company that we’re going to keep our eye on.

The best place to buy the Daborizer is directly from DabTech. Let us know what you think about our DabTech Daborizer review in the comment section below!