The Dipper Vaporizer Review

So many times I’ve been told that I could have a truly portable dabbing experience. So many times I’ve felt disappointed. Today I can tell you I am feeling pretty damn good about The Dipper.

In this post we review The Dipper from Dip Devices. The Dipper dab pen is among the easiest to use wax concentrate vaporizers out there. If you’ve used the first generation model called “The Dip Stick,” you already have a sense of The Dipper’s value proposition. However, this version is definitely an upgrade.

In fact, overall, The Dipper is the best portable dab on the market. You don’t need a torch or anything else to use it, so it’s easy and discrete. It looks and feels great, and delivers good results—as long as you use it correctly.

The Dipper

The Dipper Vaporizer is an amazingly convenient way to consume wax on the go—without needing a bulky rig and torch. All the sleek discreetness of a pen, but flavor and delivery of an expensive dab rig. We're big fans!

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Dabbing On The Go

Dabbing is getting more popular every day among people who love cannabis, not to mention people who want to try it. However, especially for noobs, dabbing is difficult.

It’s complex, it takes equipment, and there are lots of ways to fail. And who can you ask questions of other than Google—unless you already know someone you trust?

Trying to take this show on the road makes the whole thing harder. (Let’s face it, that may be even truer for heads.) What if you aim to dab on the go but you lose the torch? What if you lose your other tools? Are you destined to be that person with sticky crud on every single key on the ring?

With the rise of trends like vaping, noobs, medical marijuana patients hoping to curb pain, and lots of other people just want cleaner, easier ways to consume cannabis. The Dipper gives you a simpler, trendier way to dab that feels a lot like a vape pen but enables you to enjoy higher-quality wax concentrates.

Getting Started with The Dipper Vape

The contents of The Dipper Starter Kit spread out on a white background
The Dipper Starter Kit comes with nectar collectors, an extra quartz atomizer, and more.

Here’s what comes in the box:

  • Dipper Vaporizer
  • Colors: Charcoal, Chrome, Rose Gold, or LE Rainbow (I have tested a Chrome and a LE Rainbow)    
  • 1-Year No Hassle Warranty and Warranty Card    
  • Micro-USB cable for charging    
  • 1 Quartz Crystal Atomizer (dual quartz rods and titanium coils)    
  • 2 Nectar Collectors (ceramic straw with nickel coil)    
  • Loading Tool    
  • 2 replacement O-rings    
  • User Guide

The Dipper Vaporizer: The Basics

The Dipper is aesthetically appealing, even to a snob like me. Even the packaging design is done fairly well, without too much of the late-night video game feel you get from some cannabis brands.

Getting started is a no-brainer. I charged it first, and then just screwed on the atomizer, that’s it. Put the cap on when you’re done, put it in your pocket or stand, and that’s that.

Five fast clicks power the unit on. Three clicks change the temperature setting—pretty standard, although that’s where the standard part ends.

The Dipper offers three temperature settings (blue is low, green is medium, and red is high), but that’s not the end to the variety you get from it. You can get the vape pen experience with its dual quartz rod atomizer, but you can also swap that out for the nectar collector.

The stem attachment gives you a more classical dabbing experience, and it works for most concentrates. Just dip the nectar collector into the concentrate and take complete control of how much you enjoy.

In terms of looks and feel, each version of The Dipper is pretty. The unit also feels solid in hand, and fits comfortably there. You can hold it in your pocket, and the flat end stands well on a level surface, so you’re not married to a stand.

Even for a noob, The Dipper should be very easy to get started with. It is a truly plug-and-play kind of experience. Both the atomizer and the nectar collector simply screw on for use. The included instructions are simple to follow.

The Dipper is dynamic, meaning you re-assemble it slightly depending on which function you want. The atomizer and nectar collector both easily screw into the top of the vaporizer, so that’s simple. Then, the mouthpiece attachment attaches either over the atomizer, or, in the case of the nectar collector, on the opposite end so you can get into the concentrate and inhale on the other end.

There is also an air whip attachment you can use with The Dipper. This lets you get that classic glass rig experience, and to me it also really enhanced the flavor.

There are titanium coils and quartz crystal rods in the dual rod atomizer. The straw tip nectar collector uses a nickel coil and ceramic straw.

The battery is long-lasting. I have yet to charge it a third time, and I have been using it A LOT for a solid week. The micro-usb charging port is side-mounted.

Dabbing and Vaping Performance

The Dipper in chrome, taken apart
Disassembled, you can see the build of The Dipper and its chrome pieces

If you’re like me, you love cannabis concentrates a lot more than you love doing dishes or other cleaning tasks. This translates into a tendency to overload bowls, atomizers, and whatever you have.

But the real reason we fall into this trap is because too many devices are difficult to use and clean! The Dipper is really a high performer in this regard, and here is what I mean.

You are going to use this one as directed, because you might as well. And when you do, you will get great performance. Your rips will be heavy, and your clouds will be thick. And you won’t be clogging anything or burning, or getting oozy concentrate anywhere (or everywhere, for that matter).

For example, if you’re using the atomizer, start your day with a nice, loose bowl so it has plenty of breathing room. Reload only when you need to, because otherwise you can bury the coils and it stops working. But at the end of the day, you just unscrew and soak, and then rinse and dry.

For the unit’s airflow path, just use one of the long cotton swabs that comes with the box to quickly wipe it out. Boom, done.

So as far as I am concerned, this is a huge bonus in terms of performance. Not dreading cleaning means it stays clean and delivers peak performance.

This applies to the nectar collector, too, although it is finickier and takes some getting used to.

I loved the ability to just sort of uncap, dab without a torch, recap, and go on with my day. There was no waiting, no need to prep anything, no water, and I didn’t clean until the end of the day, really. I just had the ability to dab at will. Awesome.

But what about flavor? If you dab and love concentrates, flavor is your jam, right, and if The Dipper doesn’t deliver flavor, it’s not an option.

I found the flavor to be best with the air whip attachment and the nectar collector piece over the quartz atomizer. However, the atomizer was still excellent and generated really nice clouds even on the lowest temperature setting, as did the nectar collector.

Still, this took some trial and error to get the experience right. In other words, I can’t call the nectar collector itself a no-brainer. Setting up and cleaning The Dipper? Definitely! But actually using that particular piece takes a little practice.

It’s pretty important to hold the unit totally vertical while you’re using it—particularly with the nectar collector. If you tilt The Dipper at enough of an angle, some of your concentrate can ooze to the sides and go unused.

The User Guide tells you that you’ll get “best results” if you inhale slowly. This is true, mostly to avoid the tip getting too cool. A huge, fast inhale can also net you some nasty concentrate in your mouth if you’re not careful, and/or if it’s too dry.

I found that using the tool that comes with The Dipper really made the nectar collector work more effectively. Being able to place a nice, fat dab on the end of the tool and then bring that up to the tip worked really well.

Now, The Dipper does not totally replace a rig. You need a lighter touch as you pull from The Dipper, and since you need to keep it vertical, you’ll be tilting your head forward.

On the other hand, you’ll be in control of your every dab’s size and delivery with this device. You’ll also do far less lugging of things around.

The Dipper Dab Pen Build Quality

The Dipper is an upgrade compared to many portable dab vaporizers. It is mostly metal, and has a weight in your hand. Its design is slick and compact, yet there is still substance to the device and you can feel that as you use it. The tips can quickly and easily be swapped out without affecting performance. All of these facts point to a quality build.

The dual quartz oven chamber is a quality point and impacts flavor positively. Because the mouthpiece is extended, it’s not too close to the heat source, and I didn’t find the mouthpiece got too hot.

The battery lasts for a really long time before you need to recharge it. It only takes around 20 minutes to reach full capacity again.

Finally, the company offers a one-year warranty. Many portable dab pens and vaporizers are made in China or elsewhere, and may not feature great materials or actionable guaranties. Dip Devices has been around for awhile—and when I had a question they responded to me immediately and then followed up later.

Dip Devices Design and Style

The Dipper Chrome Deluxe Kit contents on a white background
The Deluxe Kit for The Dipper adds even more accessories including the Dipper Whip

I wasn’t sure what to expect when it came, and I don’t always love the look of dipstick vapes. However, I really enjoyed the smooth, weighty yet compact design of The Dipper. The tips are so easy to exchange, and intuitive, which I think goes back in part to this unit’s design.

The shine and colors together provide a surprisingly cool feel. The Rainbow is actually my favorite, and I did not expect that. (Everything I own is black. LOL My second favorite is the charcoal, right back in character.)

But that’s the experience here. It’s a nice surprise, something even a more experienced cannabis connoisseur might really appreciate.

One design element that I miss in The Dipper: magnetization of the reclaim chamber. This is the most cumbersome part of cleaning, because you drop it a lot, hence my wish for magnetization.

Dipper Vaporizer Tips and Tricks

  • Only a well-maintained tool gives you results, and The Dipper is no exception. Stay on top of cleaning and maintenance, which is very easy with this unit, and you won’t have problems.
  • Cleaning The Dipper truly does take away just about every problem you can run into. If you’re not sure about this after reading the guide, watch the video on the website.
  • Use the supplies they give you, like the cleaning swabs. It’s fine to leave the ceramic tip and other parts that hit concentrate in ISO to clean overnight, so you might as well. As far as ease of use goes, just follow the instructions and it doesn’t get much simpler.
  • I like to use mine all day, and then soak them in the evening or overnight in ISO. Then at night or in the morning I rinse and dry them, and they’re just ready to roll     again.
  • Don’t lower your nectar collector too far down into a pool of concentrate. It can get clogged.
  • There is an airflow hole at the bottom of the device. You can use it like a carb cap to generate bigger pulls, if you like that. (Recommended.)
  • Up your portability factor by using the enclosed concentrate containers, or by just sticking with the quartz atomizer.   
  • If the LED colors on The Dipper’s power button are cycling or you get a series of blue flashes, it’s not functioning correctly. Start by rebooting it, and then cleaning it. So far, that has worked for me every time.
  • If the LED colors on The Dipper’s power button start flashing red for you, it’s time to charge.
  • Use that Dip Whip, especially if you love a glass rig! You will love the flavor you get from this accessory that lets you connect The Dipper to a glass piece or rig of 10mm, 14mm, or 19mm.
The Dipper whip attachment
The Dipper whip attachment allows for the old school rig feel

The Bottom Line: The Dipper Vaporizer Pros and Cons

Overall, I love The Dipper. Here’s why.


It’s unique. There’s nothing else exactly like it on the market. It’s your one really portable dab rig, in my mind, that does not demand a heat source or water but also gives you either a pen or a nectar collector option. It’s way better than a wax pen and you’ll never go back.

Cleaning is really, really easy. It’s the easiest to clean and redeploy that I have—and I have a lot of them. This whole design eliminates many of the problems with wasted concentrate that are basically inherent to other units. Clogs are not a problem when you keep this clean, period.

The flavor and functionality are surprisingly good. You get instant coil heat capability, and the DipWhip accessory allows you to achieve even better flavor and a more traditional experience if you’re missing it.

Value is higher than you think. The price tag without any discounts is $114.99. First of all, compared to competitors like the PuffCo Plus, this is a better value, even though the PuffCo Plus is only $89.99.

The PuffCo Plus assumes you will replace its bowl once every one to two months, for example, at a cost of $24.99. Even if you buy it in 5-packs—and good luck with that, because I have literally never been able to find one in stock, including today—that’s still $99.99, or about $20.00 each.

Compare that to The Dipper. The replaceable vapor tip atomizers (the nectar collectors) are either two for $14.99 or five for $29.99. The replaceable quartz crystal atomizer is $9.99, or literally three for that same $24.99 price tag. If you use the device regularly, it doesn’t take long for The Dipper to be a better value since it’s only $25.00 more to start with.

The build is also more durable, and the performance is at least at good. And with a one-year warranty, it’s hard to argue with that in terms of value.

Finally, it’s a cool and sexy design. It’s compact and high-quality. The dual-purpose cap and mouthpiece that move around are innovative and amusing.


My chrome version of The Dipper is a fingerprint magnet—and I’m a proper lady who barely leaves fingerprints. So you might need to wipe this product down often to keep it shining.

I think the cost is well worth it, as I said, and I agree that The Dipper is a good value wax vaporizer. However, many users expect no learning curve with a steep price tag. For those users, this unit might be disappointing.

There are three heat settings. Yes, it’s a pro, but also a con if you like more control. I mean, it’s not the same precision you get with a torch.

Finally, although it’s obvious, you cannot vape flower with The Dipper, so if your version of a one-unit-for-everything includes flower, this isn’t for you. Still, CBD, concentrates, anything like that in oil form it can handle.

The Dipper is definitely among my new top favorites. If you want to be able to dab at will without a hassle, it’s a must.

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