Anti-Vape Ads Spotted on Trains in Chicago

chicago anti-vape
Looks like tax revenue is more important than human life in Chicago.

If you’re unlucky enough to live in Chicago, you have to deal with a Game of Thrones style 8 month long winter, a shitload of wind, and pretentious hipsters riding around on single-speed bicycles. What could make it even worse? Anti-vape ads on the train.

The new #VapingTruth campaign has been an abysmal failure (just check out that hashtag on Twitter to see for yourself), but that hasn’t stopped them from trying their hardest to prevent people from saving their own lives through the most effective tobacco harm reduction method ever invented.

I have a feeling that someone in the local government in Chicago is upset about losing out on that sweet tobacco tax revenue and will do anything to ensure that that cash keeps flowing in. After all, Chicago has the highest cigarette tax in the nation. It’s likely that the finances of the city have become dependent upon it. If some of their citizens die because they’ve been brainwashed into thinking that vaping is dangerous, then that’s a fair price to pay from the government’s point of view.

Follow the money.

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