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Best Mini Pod Vapes and E-Cigarettes

#1. Juul by Juul Labs

The Juul is by far the gold standard in the e-cig world, and for damn good reason. It’s received stellar reviews from prestigious publications around the world (including us).

The Juul utilizes a proprietary pod-based system with a ton of cool, unique flavors. The battery is extremely powerful and is packed in to a unit that isn’t much larger than a standard USB thumb drive. The Juul by PAX is by far the easiest way to get started with vaping for beginners. And if you’re an experienced vaper who wants something simple, and portable for your on-the-go vaping needs, it doesn’t get much better than this. The performance is comparable to the larger mods that you’re used to, without the unnecessary complications.

The Juul is the most popular pod vape on the market right now. Millions of happy customers can’t be wrong.

Juul e-cigarette by Juul Labs

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#2. MLV Phix

The Phix is one of Juul’s top competitors in the crowded pod vape market. The sleek design and magnetic cartridge insert give the Phix a premium, high-end feel compared to many of the cheaper pod vape designs out there today.

The Phix’s cartridges give you a rich, full-bodied hit that you might be looking for if you’re a former smoker looking to quit. The similarities between the feeling of smoking a combustible cigarette and vaping a Phix are striking. MLV really nailed it on this product. The Phix is definitely one of the top choices that I recommend to smokers who are looking for something simple to use when they want to quit.

The combination of a high-end feel, full-bodied hit that is similar to a cigarette, and the simplicity and ease of use makes the Phix a worthwhile purchase.

Watch out Juul.

MLV Phix
MLV Phix
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#3. MyBlu

The myblu is the latest pod-style e-cigarette from blu, one of the most popular vaping companies in the world. This company is most famous for their disposable e-cigs, but with the addition of myblu to their lineup, they’ve proven that they’re more than capable of creating a phenomenal entry-level pod device.

The best thing about the myblu? The price. This bad-boy only costs $19.99, making it affordable for just about anyone who wants to get started vaping. Can the myblu give the Juul a run for it’s money? It’s too early to tell, but this device has been making waves in the e-cig market this year and it looks poised to take a big chunk of the market.

MyBlu e-cigarette
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#4. Cigavette Rechargeable E-Cig

If you’re looking for a rechargeable e-cig that offers a similar feel as a traditional cigarette, then you’re in luck.

Cigavette has managed to create a state-of-the-art pod-based electronic cigarette that looks just like a cigarette; with similar length, weight, and form factor. With a variety of flavors to choose from and an incredibly low price, there’s no longer any excuse to not switch to vaping.

Cigavette rechargeable e-cigarettes
Cigavette rechargeable e-cigarettes
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#5. KandyPens RUBI

KandyPens is a rather new entrant into the world of e-cigs. Don’t let that discourage you, however. They have a stellar reputation in the world of wax and dry herb vaping. In fact, they are one of the biggest names in that side of the vaping world.

So how does their first foray into e-cigarettes stack up to the competition? Surprisingly well. Unlike “cig-a-like” style e-cigs, the RUBI utilizes a pod-based e-juice system. Unlike the competition, though, KandyPens allows you to refill the pods with your own juice. So if you have an e-juice brand that you prefer, you can use it. You’re not restricted to a limited line of proprietary flavors. If your the type of person who wants no limitations on your vaping experience, the RUBI is a solid choice.

KandyPens RUBI e-cigarette

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#6. VapeDynamics Cora

The Cora is another excellent choice for the beginning vaper who wants something that is easy to use and effective. If you’ve ever used a Juul, then you know exactly what you’re getting with the Cora. The Cora is essentially a Juul clone. The form factor, performance, and proprietary cartridges are all extremely similar to the much more popular Juul.

The sleek, minimalist design is sure to appeal to anyone who wants to avoid the dreaded “vape nerd” reputation. The Cora simply looks cool. The proprietary cartridge system features magnetized reloading capabilities, meaning that it’s never been easier to swap out pods when you run out of juice.

VapeDynamics Cora e-cigarette

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#7. BO One

The BO One is another less well-known competitor to the wildly popular Juul. This one features a much more modern appearance than other e-cigs. The sleek, sexy, rounded corners make this e-cig look like it was designed by a famous fruit-named tech company. The 3800mAH battery is more than powerful enough to help you push out some of the hugest, most glorious clouds imaginable.

BO One e-cigarette

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E-Cigarette vs. Vape

The terms e-cigarette and vape are generally used interchangeably these days, but for the purposes of this list there are some important distinctions.

The word “vape” refers to literally any type of vaporizer. Whether we’re talking about dry herb, wax, dab rigs, mods, or even the portable draw-activated devices in this article; “vape” encompasses them all.

The word “e-cigarette”, on the other hand, is used by many people to describe just about any nicotine e-juice compatible vape. That includes mods, vape pens, and even the devices in this list.

But in this article, we’re reserving the word “e-cigarette” as a term that describes small, portable, pod-based, draw-activated devices. This means that the larger button-activated, tank compatible mods aren’t going to be included here. If you’re looking for the best mods or best mod starter kits, we have lists for those already.

What is a pod vape?

A pod vape is a small, portable device that is designed to be used with removable and replaceable “pods” that are filled with e-liquid. In most cases, these pods can be purchased prefilled with juice. Simply open the package and snap a new pod in. It literally doesn’t get any easier than that.

Some companies, such as Juul Labs, design their pods so that they can’t be refilled. If you’re someone who is all about the convenience of vaping, this likely won’t bother you. But if you have a favorite e-juice that you just love, you’re going to want a vape that has refillable pods (such as the Phix by MLV).

Mod vs. Pod

Pod vapes differ from the box-mod-and-tank combo that was the most popular way to vape just a couple years ago. Unlike with a mod, when using a pod vape you don’t need to buy a separate tank. You don’t need to worry about cleaning or building coils, you don’t need to be a technical wizard that knows how to rebuild these things from scratch. Box mods and tanks (don’t even get me started on RDA’s) are designed for vape enthusiasts (cough nerds cough) who actually like to tinker with things.

Don’t get me wrong, I can nerd out about RDA’s with the best of them. But when I’m looking for something that I can just throw in my pocket and carry with me all day, I grab a pod vape. It’s just too damn easy and convenient.

Can pods be refilled?

It depends.

Some manufacturers (such as KandyPens) design their pods so that you can refill them with your favorite e-juice. Other companies (like Juul) design their pods to be single-use and disposable. This means that you’ll have to purchase new prefilled pods every time you run out of juice.

Just because Juul (and other companies) design their pods to be disposable doesn’t mean that you can’t refill them yourself if you’re willing to spend a few minutes to figure it out. You can read our guide to refilling Juulpods, which will give you a step-by-step method that will have you vaping your own e-juice in no time at all. Other proprietary pods from different manufacturers can be refilled in a similar way.

Which pod vape is your favorite?

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What is the best pod vape?

  1. Juul
  2. MLV Phix
  3. MyBlu
  4. Cigavette
  5. KandyPens Rubi
  6. VapeDynamics Cora
  7. Bo One

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