E-Clipse Dry Herb Vape Review – Buy or Pass?

Have you seen the E-clipse dry herb vaporizer?

Dry herb vaporizers are continuing to gain popularity for their design and ease of use. They give users and opportunity to burn herbs in contained chambers and inhale the vapor.

I was sent the E-clipse kit, which includes everything you need to get started in dry herb vaping, with the exception of the herb. The kit includes the device, replacement O-rings, a cleaning brush, a scraping tool, a USB charger and two different mouthpieces.

The E-clipse is handy because the battery is built in and charges through the USB. A major bonus is that is holds a charger for days. As a user I have to admit that I hate having to repeatedly charge my devices. Having one that chargers quickly (in a few short hours) and holds a charge for days is a big hit in my book.

The 2200mah lithium polymer battery totally goes into the Pro column in my book.


Now, let’s talk about the ceramic heating chamber.

Ceramic is awesome because it allows for pure flavor. The chamber is 5/8 inch deep and holds a decent amount dry herb, which is nice. Some other dry herb vaporizers may offer deeper chambers but it’s all about how much the user needs.

When it comes to using a dry herb vaporizer, I use mine a couple of times a day, throughout the week. The ceramic chamber on the E-clipse is a pretty awesome size for my needs. Having an included scrapping and packing tool is also a plus. All the tools needed are included, can’t beat that.

The E-clipse fits nicely into the palm of the hand and disappears, which is great for any user desiring to be discreet.

As most vape devices, the E-clipse turns on with five clicks of the fire button and turns off the same way. Other than the fire button, the only other buttons are up and down, which sets the heat of the ceramic chamber.

The E-clipse can be set from 300 to 435 degrees, which is a nice range because, depending on what herb or combination of herbs you are wanting to use, you may have a variety of different temperatures. The E-clipse heats up quickly so you don’t have to prime and wait, which is awesome, especially if you are using in on a lower temperature. One thing no vaper wants to do is wait for their device to get ready. Heck, most of us don’t even like to wait a few lousy minutes for a new coil to prime properly.

If you are new to dry herb vaporizers, do a little bit of research to find out what temperature to burn your desired herb at. Also, some herbs need to be ground before putting them in the E-clipse, so in order not to burn up or waste your dry herb, check it out before you fire up the E-clipse.

If you are wondering what herbs you can use in the E-clipse, you may be surprised to know that there are a large variety of totally-legal-in-every-state options. I recently used a blend of damiana, peppermint and lemon balm that is reported to be calming. I enjoyed it, but it took some getting used to the taste. Of course, you could also head to a place where pot dispensaries are legal (such as Las Vegas) and get the good stuff if you so choose.

Eclipse dry herb vape
The small, discreet size of the E-clipse is a definite plus.

Ease of use

Okay, now we need to talk about the one major thing about the E-clipse dry herb vaporizer that I would put in the con category in great, big capital letters.

The gosh darn thing does not stand up on its own. Man, is that incredibly frustrating!

As a user, and other vapers I know agree, you pick up the vape take a hit or two and then set it back down. Well not with the E-clipse. You have to lay the E-clipse down because it has a rounded bottom.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve dropped the dang thing, when I go to set it down out of mere habit.

On that note I have to say that the E-clipse does appear to be pretty durable, because given the number of times it’s fallen off the cabinet, it is still running like a champ.

Now let’s talk price. The E-clipse sells for around $150 depending on the retailer. For a regular vape mod, as a user, I would say that $150 is well above the price that I’m willing to pay. But the E-clipse is an all-in-one and doesn’t require you to buy additional tanks, coils or cotton. You don’t need an external charger or anything but the dry herb to enjoy the E-clipse.


So, let’s do a recap. The E-clipse has a decent sized ceramic heating chamber that is relatively easy to keep clean and reuse. It fits nicely into the hand and carry and conceals easily if that is the wish of the user.

It’s dummy-proof in its use, with an easy on, easy off and easy temperature setting. It also times itself off when you stop using it, which is handy. It charges well and holds that charge for ages.

If you are looking at venturing into the world of dry herb vaporizers or if you are interested in a new one, I would recommend giving the E-clipse a go. It’s handy and easy to carry and has a decent price point. After continued use I did not see any major issues with cleaning or maintenance

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