If you’re looking to upgrade from a basic eGo style vape pen, you’ll notice that there are two main types of mods: electronic and mechanical. But which one is better for you?

Benefits of electronic mods

Electronic mods, such as the iTaste MVP 3.0 and the Conflict Box Mod, are mods that include electronic components. The benefits may include:

  • Voltage control
  • Wattage control
  • Ability to monitor battery life
  • Most electronic mods will regulate the batteries so that an even amount of power is used throughout the life of the battery
  • Ohms meter
  • LED screen
  • Ability to vape while charging
  • Less safety risk, due to the electronics regulating the battery output

Not every electronic mod contains all of these features, but they usually contain most of them. Check out the eLeaf iStick 30W for an excellent beginner electronic box mod.

Benefits of mechanical mods

Mechanical Mods, such as the Lone Wulf and the Hell Hound, are mods that contain no electronics and rely on a mechanical process to activate the battery. They are generally only recommended for advanced vapers who have knowledge of Ohm’s Law. The benefits may include:

  • Greater ability to customize your vaping experience, making them ideal for experienced vapers who know exactly what they want.
  • More durable and less likely to break down due to their simplistic mechanical components.
  • More power when at full battery charge
  • Aesthetic appeal

If you’re brand new to vaping with mods, purchasing an electronic mod is usually a better option. But once you’ve learned the ropes and are confident that you understand proper battery safety, getting a mechanical mod can lead to greater satisfaction with your vaping experience, especially if you’re the type who likes to tinker around and enjoy the hobby aspect of vaping.

Which type of mod do you prefer?