EPIC FAIL: Robber Drops Gun and Pants Fall Off When He Tries to Rob an E-Cig Store


In what might be the biggest robbery fail in human history, a man tried to rob an Aurora, CO vape shop at gunpoint. Things didn’t go exactly the way he planned, however.

As soon as he pulled out his gun (which was later determined to be an airsoft pellet gun) after entering the E-Cig of Denver store at 5:30pm he accidentally dropped it behind the counter. He attempts to jump over the counter but isn’t quick enough (possibly due to being overweight). The employee behind the counter gets to the gun first and picks it up. This scares the would-be robber, who quickly runs out of the shop.

Believe it or not, dropping the gun was not the most embarrassing thing to happen to this moronic criminal. As he exits the store, he literally loses his pants and has to do a weird Mario jump to keep them from dropping to his ankles while he makes his escape. Note to any potential future vape shop robbers: If you’re going to be a piece of shit, at least buy a fucking belt first.

The Daily Mail interviewed an employee who had the following to say to the world’s dumbest criminal: “Get a job, do what everyone else does”.

The man is still at large. He was seen entering the store wearing a red ball cap, sunglasses, and Denver Broncos sweatshirt in addition to the poorly-secured pants. He did several passes in front of the store to confirm that the female employee behind the counter was alone before making his bumbled robbery attempt.

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