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Every Day Optimal is a one-stop shop for all of your CBD needs. They have a broad product line that includes capsules, vape juice, tinctures, gummies, and more.

About Every Day Optimal CBD

Every Day Optimal was founded in early 2016 when the founders traveled to Colorado in search of a high-CBD strain of marijuana. When they arrived, they discovered industry-leading farmers who were growing hemp plants that are rich in CBD. From there Every Day Optimal was born.

Every Day Optimal knows that the quality of the hemp plant is what ultimately determines the the purity of the final product. With that goal in mind, they only source their hemp from the highest-quality farms.

The company is committed to offering a full array of CBD products. No matter how you like to consume cannabidiol, Every Day Optimal has something that meets your needs.

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Every Day Optimal products

  • Capsules and pills – Every Day Optimal carries a line of capsules and pills in a variety of different strengths ranging from 15mg up to 200mg.
  • Edibles – If you prefer to consume your CBD in edible form, Every Day Optimal carries a line of gummies and chewing gum. They have a solid selection of different strengths and the flavor is top-notch.
  • Tinctures – Every Day Optimal also carries a great selection of sublingual tinctures, currently one of the most popular method of consuming CBD. Most interestingly, they sell a tincture that contains a whopping 10,000mg of CBD! If you need a high-strength product to treat your symptoms, then this is by far the best possible option for you.
  • Vape juice – Vaping is one of the best ways to enjoy the benefits of CBD, and Every Day Optimal has you covered with their line of high-quality and flavorful e-liquids. Simply fill up your tank with one of these products and you’ll be feeling the effects of CBD within minutes.

Remember to always use these exclusive coupon codes when placing your order at EveryDayOptimalCBD.com. Cannabidiol is extremely expensive, but these discounts will help you save money and maximize the amount of CBD you get for your dollar.

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