Video: What Does Pork From Marijuana-Fed Pigs Taste Like?

On Season 1 Episode 21 of the food show Prime Time, hosts Ben and Brent visited Moto Perpetuo farm and feasted on pork from weed-fed pigs. Gives a whole new meaning to “pot roast”?.

According to the chefs, the pork doesn’t have any cannabis flavor to it, but instead it tastes like the animal is healthier. According to the hosts, the pork had a “beefy” type of flavor rather than the taste that we normally associate with pork.

Overall this video displays one of the most interesting uses for marijuana that I’ve ever seen. I know I personally can’t wait until cannabis-fed pork becomes more widely available.

What do you guys think? Is weed pork nothing more than a gimmick or is a great way to ensure that the animal is healthier and, therefore, more delicious?

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