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Video: What Does Pork From Marijuana-Fed Pigs Taste Like?

On Season 1 Episode 21 of the food show Prime Time, hosts Ben and Brent visited Moto Perpetuo farm and feasted on pork from weed-fed pigs. Gives a whole new meaning to “pot roast”😛.

According to the chefs, the pork doesn’t have any cannabis flavor to it, but instead it tastes like the animal is healthier. According to the hosts, the pork had a “beefy” type of flavor rather than the taste that we normally associate with pork.

Overall this video displays one of the most interesting uses for marijuana that I’ve ever seen. I know I personally can’t wait until cannabis-fed pork becomes more widely available.

What do you guys think? Is weed pork nothing more than a gimmick or is a great way to ensure that the animal is healthier and, therefore, more delicious?

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