The First Presidential Candidate to Support Vaping is…


With the presidential election only a month away, many people in the vaping community have been wondering if any of the candidates have shown any support for vapers. Sure, it’s easy to say that more conservative candidates tend to be opposed to unethical government regulation (like the FDA vaping regs), and that more liberal candidates support regulation. But have any of the presidential candidates explicitly mentioned their support for vaping?

None of the candidates had specifically mentioned support for vaping. Until last night.

Kurt Loebich, owner of Cloud Chasers Inc., received the following email from the National Director of the Johnson/Weld campaign:

“In the first debate, voters listened to two candidates dance around the American economy. What you’ll never hear from those candidates is how the economy is being killed by excessive regulation. Vaping, a new industry offering products as a healthier alternative to smoking, is about to be regulated out of existence. That just doesn’t make any sense.

The vaping industry currently counts about nine million customers, producing about $4 billion a year in annual sales. With the excessive regulations recently introduced by the FDA, as many as 12,000 vaping businesses will be put out of business. As Gov. Gary Johnson has said, the free market and entrepreneurial spirit should be encourage, not destroyed. Nowhere is this more obvious than the vaping industry.”

Screenshot of the email from the Johnson campaign.

Of course, it’s no surprise that the Libertarian Party would be the first to openly support vaping, with their free-market and anti-regulation philosophy. Hopefully this inspires some of the other candidates, including Trump and Clinton, to make statements to let vapers know where they stand on this important (to us) issue.

Read more about the Johnson/Weld campaign on their official website.

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