Focus V Carta Review

If you are a fan of electric dab rigs and e-nails, you must have heard of Focus V.

After Focus V Aero and Focus V Tourist, the Carta is yet another innovation of the brand. The Carta is a new electric dab rig launched with the target to give the brand a competitive edge.

The device may seem a bit tricky at first, but once you have used it a few times, it gets much easier and you’re all set to experience a fantastic dabbing session.

But can the Carta match the expectations of customers from Focus V?

Let’s find out how well it actually functions.


Before diving into the specifics of Focus V Carta, let’s give you an overview of the electric dab rig and its main features.

Focus V Carta is a premium electric dab rig that seems to be better than its competitors. It comes with two vape buckets. The level of heat in both is far better than that of its competitors. Known for quick heating, the product is easy to use and has advanced features.

Let’s look at the product specifications:

  • Portable electric vape rig (can be used for desktop performance as well)
  • Replaceable and rechargeable batteries
  • Four advanced temperature settings
  • Includes quartz and titanium atomizers
  • Travel-friendly and well-designed
  • Haptic feedback
  • Smart Focus V Carta app allows precise heat settings with other features

Along with the electric dab rig, Focus V Carta comes with:

  • Dab tool
  • 2 batteries
  • 2 titanium buckets and 2 quartz buckets
  • Silicone wax container
  • USB-C charging cable
  • A pack of alcohol cleaning wipes
  • Carb cap tether
  • Wax chamber
  • Ceramic lid
  • Portable carrying case and borosilicate glass carb cap

Let’s move to the product specifications now.

Size and Weight

Focus V has not mentioned the size and weight of the Carta on the brand website. However, you will soon find out that weighs about 7.2″ in height.

It is notably larger and more detailed than the previous models by Focus V, such as Aero and Tourist.

Focus V Carta is a bulkier piece. So, you could rather call it a portable desktop electric dab rig.

The detailed design of the Carta makes it even bigger. So, you cannot really carry the Focus V Carta around on the street.

But it’s portable enough for dab sessions at home. So, if you’re looking for something that’s more portable and fits your pocket easily, Focus V Carta is not for you.

Discreteness of Design

As we have already said, the Focus V Carta is not small in size and does not fit into your pocket. So, you will probably not want to use it in public.

The design of Focus V Carta is rather on the larger side even though it’s a handheld device. It might even raise a few questions if you use it at home. However, the product is compact enough to carry to places where you can enjoy dabbing in private.

Overall, the discreteness of Focus V Carta is not exceptional but has been designed quite well and is reasonably portable.

Ease of Use

Though the design of the Focus V Carta is simple and can be separated into three main components, using the electric dab rig can be a bit tricky initially. However, you can easily get comfortable with Carta after the first use.

Now, let’s get into the specifics of the product…

Draw Resistance

Draws from the Focus V Carta are hassle-free. The draws are smooth and you will experience an amazing dabbing session.

The product has a solid glass bubbler and its large air intake prevents clogging. You can pour a decent quantity of water into it. Hence, Focus V Carta has an improved draw resistance and it provides lengthy draws in particular.

Chamber Size

Unfortunately, Focus V has not been very detailed about the chamber size of the Carta. However, considering the size and build of the product, the chamber is quite large to hold a sufficient quantity of herbs.

There are two buckets—one titanium and one quartz. The buckets put different amounts of stress on the batteries. The titanium bucket is for vaping at low temperatures and the quartz bucket is ideal for vaping at instantly high temperatures.

The buckets are spacious enough for large dollops and, considering the bucket size, the device heats up surprisingly fast.

Though the build of the device has a slightly plastic-like feel to it, you can sense the heaviness when you hold it. With the sufficiently large size of the device, you can load a good quantity of herbs and enjoy quite a long vaping session.

Cleaning & Maintenance

The cleaning part of Focus V Carta is a bit tricky. You can wash the glass bubbler with hot water. You can also pour some alcohol into it and then wash it with warm water.

The main struggle is to clean the air path between the bottom of the atomizer and the opening of the glass bubbler. If you vape frequently, it is better to clean the air path regularly or after 3–4 hits or sessions. Also, there are chances of a blocked atomizer with wax globs. So clean it whenever you feel necessary.

Though cleaning the airway is crucial, you have to do it carefully with a swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol.

You can also use the swab to clean the thread that holds the atomizer to the base of the device. Cleaning it properly will help avoid a sticky or gummed-up atomizer and a restricted air path.

There are a few more suggestions for cleaning. First, use the cleaning swab after the inner surfaces of the device have cooled down. For the stubborn residue, you can use burn-off. Place the bucket in the receptacle and increase the temperature to the highest heat setting of the device. It will meet the extra residue and then you can easily clean it off.

How to Use Focus V Carta?

Initially, it may seem a bit tricky to use Focus V Carta. But once you’ve got the hang of the right technique, it won’t be that much difficult anymore.

First, attach the glass top to the base and pour some water into it.

Then, place one of the two buckets in the receptacle on the side of the device and turn it on by pressing the power button.

Finally, set the temperature that you prefer. Focus V Carta has four temperature settings that range from 600°F to 940°F.

Quality & Flavor

Without a doubt, the atomizers of Focus V Carta are of premium quality. It can handle a sufficient amount of wax at a time. The draws are very smooth and the vapor quality is near-perfect.

The bonus is that the device cools quickly after the hits.

The vapor produced by Focus V Carta is quite tasty and aromatic. Using the quartz bucket with the low heat settings keeps the flavor of the vapor pure. The heat settings do bring about a change in the vapor taste. So, the temperature at which you would love the vapor may differ according to taste.

Overall, the quality of the vapor is pretty good. The device produces a fair amount of vapor, retaining taste and flavor throughout your vaping session.

Battery Life

Focus V Carta uses a pair of 18350 batteries and each holds 1200mAh. A fully charged pair of cells can easily support 40–50 sessions.

The good news is that these batteries are replaceable and this makes the Carta versatile. The device comes with a USB-C charging cable and the batteries recharge quite fast. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge the device.

Even in the highest of temperature settings, such as 410°C, multiple sessions do not exhaust the battery life. You’ll be quite surprised to know that half of the battery life would still be left.

Overall, the battery life of Focus V Carta is amazing. With a single charge, you can easily continue your vape sessions for long enough.

Temperature Flexibility/Control

The temperature settings of Focus V Carta range between 500 degrees and 842 degrees Fahrenheit. There are four temperature settings that you can adjust according to your needs and your preference of the vapor taste and flavor:

  • 500 degrees Fahrenheit (260 degrees Celsius)
  • 630 degrees Fahrenheit (332 degrees Celsius)
  • 770 degrees Fahrenheit (410 degrees Celsius)
  • 842 degrees Fahrenheit (450 degrees Celsius)

The quality of vapor is different for the titanium bucket and the quartz bucket. The quartz bucket is ideal for vaping at high temperatures. Titanium is more suitable for low-temperature vaping, as it retains heat better than quartz.

At the highest setting, large clouds are produced but the vapor may reduce the flavor. For low-temperature vaping, the first two heat settings are ideal. At the third heating level, you may get flavorful vapor for 2 to 3 hits.

The vapor gets quite harsh at the highest settings while the temperature settings at 260°C, 332°C, and 410°C provide a flavor that is easy on your lungs and flavorful.

Apart from the heat settings provided on the device, Focus V Carta has an app that provides an additional temperature control facility as well as monitoring of stat. You can use the app to set more precise temperatures on the device. You can also get information on your vaping sessions, such as the average time and duration of the sessions. Additionally, you can customize session time and save your favorite temperatures at which you love vaping.

The app is unique and offers customers additional support to use Focus V Carta more efficiently. Such supports apps are quite rare in portable electric dab rigs.

Brand Reputation & Reliability

Focus V Carta is undoubtedly one of the best dab rig brands that offer premium electric dab rigs. To study the brand’s reputation closely, we considered thousands of customer reviews about its products and services. We considered reviews from customers on third-party platforms to ensure that the reviews are genuine.

According to customer reviews, there is no going back to any electric dab rig once you have used Focus V Carta. The brand has received praise from customers for its quality, value, and convenience. Most customers are happy with using Focus V Carta. They have experienced quality vaping. It has been relaxing for them and helped reduce anxiety and stress.

What customers have loved most about the brand is that it is worth investing in. The products are of premium quality and provide enjoyable vaping sessions.

The brand also has a good customer support team that addresses customer queries promptly and provides them with the required assistance.

Overall, Focus V has established a positive brand reputation in the industry of electric dab rigs. Consumers now expect good products from Focus V and the brand puts in all the effort to make innovative electric dab rigs that are improvised versions of their previous launches.

Pros & Cons

Focus V Carta is one of the most loved products. As we researched thousands of customer reviews, we identified a few downsides of the device as well (of course, the positive aspects are greater in number). We have listed below the positives and some downsides of Focus V Carta.


  • Fast heating system
  • Advanced temperature settings and controls
  • Long battery life (lasts for more than 50 vaping sessions)
  • Quality vapor (flavorful and pure)
  • App integration ensures setting of precise temperature and additional settings for the device
  • Reasonably portable and travel-friendly
  • Compatible with herbs and concentrates
  • Premium flavor (especially with the quartz bucket)
  • Well-designed, specifically the air path
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Well-established brand reputation
  • High-quality products


  • Focus V Carta has a plastic-like build and look
  • Lack of discreteness
  • Larger in size and does not fit into the pocket
  • Cleaning is tricky; you need extreme caution while cleaning the air path
  • The highest heat settings create large clouds but do not retain the flavor after a few hits


Focus V Carta is undoubtedly an improvised version of the previous electric dabs by Focus V. It has geared up to be the best in the electric rigs market.

The Carta is an improvisation of the previous Focus V models. We believe there are a few things, such as an OLED display for temperature control or the use of 18650 batteries, which are missing in this version. These should be upgraded in the next innovation.

As the reviews stand, the temperature settings of the Carta are advanced and it has been unique because of the integration of the Focus V Carta app along with preset temperature settings.

The vapor quality is amazing. The hits can vary from wispy to large to gigantic. The vapor is pure and flavorful and gives customers an overall relaxing vaping experience.

The design and build are fair enough but we do think that the next model will include improvisation in its size. It would be good to have a smaller and more compact electric dab rig that can easily fit into pockets.

With the Focus V Carta, you can expect amazing hits (wax or dry herb) without chances of combustion. The precise temperature control and the preset heat settings ensure quality performance by the device.

So, overall, we think that Focus V Carta is an electric dab rig that’s value for money. It has surpassed its competitors and customers love their vaping sessions with this e-rig.

Now that you know the positive and not-so-positive features of the device, you can make your choice.

If yes, why wait? Grab your e-rig and get started on an amazing vaping experience.

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