Glas BASIX E-Juice Review: Far From Basic

I have to tell you, Glas is on point. Glas sent me their BASIX series, called everyday essentials.

The BASIX line includes Butterscotch Reserve, Strawberry Gummy, Blueberry Cake, Fizzy Lemonade, Sugar Cookie and Caribbean Punch. Don’t those flavors just make your mouth water?


I’d like to talk to you about the Glas boxes. Packaging works on me – at least some times. When it’s bright colored, or stands out in a way, I have to admit I will check it out. That doesn’t mean I buy it, but I’ll probably look.

The Glas BASIX packaging tells you everything you need to know about each and every flavor. For example, the Butterscotch Reserve box tells me that it is a bold and sweet, with butterscotch, RY4 tobacco and caramel. It also tells me that it has 4 of 5 stars of vapor production, 4 if 5 stars for flavor strength and 1 of 5 stars for throat hit. It also lists a flavor profile.


I think I just fell in love with a box! Seriously, how many times have you looked a juice and read some off the wall name and had no clue what it was actually supposed to taste like? Some times you’re doing good if you can find the VG/PG ratio (which is 70/30 for the BASIX line).

glas basix
Glas Basix E-Juice


Now, does the flavor actually meet the description? You betcha. It’s a strong, rich tobacco flavor, but creamy at the same time. Think of mixing a dessert flavor with a tobacco flavor. Basically, the best of both worlds.

Glas BASIX Strawberry Gummy is absolutely delicious. A mix of sour and sweet in a strong flavor. Glas calls it a mix of “sweet strawberries, sour gummy and mixed berries.” Yup, it sure is! I instantly fell in love with this one. And, once again it Glas hit the nail on the head with the description, I would even agree with the throat hit of 2 out of 5 stars. They nailed this one.

Glas BASIX Blueberry Cream again nailed it. Touted as vanilla, blueberry, cream and cake, I can tell you Glas BASIX forgot to added almost better than your granny’s blueberry cake. This one certainly has a strong flavor, one of the strongest I would say in the Glas BASIX line. But, it’s not knock you on your butt strong. And it’s almost lick your lips delicous.

Glas BASIX Fizzy Lemonade was not what I was expecting. It’s listed as “icy-cool fruit” and I was totally expecting to be disappointed. Lemonade seems to be a hard flavor for juice makers to nail, because I’ve tried them and have not found one that actually tasted like lemonade. Until I tried Glas Fizzy Lemonade. This is sitting on the front porch, in a gentle breeze on a balmy summer evening lemonade. Glas describes it as “lemonade, lime soda, pineapple and ice.” Honestly, I don’t taste the pineapple but I can tell you the whole mix is working. Fizzy Lemonade totally pulls it off. Also, it leaves you with a pleasant cooling sensation in your throat.

As I’m still battling a winter cold, I loved the cooling sensation. After failed attempts at a lemonade flavor in the past, I can say that I probably wouldn’t have dropped my dollars on this. But, it’s amazing. If you are looking for a lemonade flavored juice that actually tastes like lemonade, give Glas BASIX Fizzy Lemonade a try.

Cinnamon Sweet Sugar Cookie? Don’t mind if I do. Glas describes Sugar Cookie as “vanilla, cinnamon and cookie.” Oh. My. Word. You know that smell when you are walking through the mall and you get near the cookie place and you are sucking in all that awesome smelling air? You got it, that’s Glas’ Sugar Cookie.

Now, I love the flavor, which is almost a cross between a freshly baked sugar cookie and a snickerdoodle, but it is strong. Depending on what I want at the time, this flavor may be stronger than I’m looking for. Glas nailed the packaging when they listed this one as of 5 stars for flavor strength. Glas BASIX Sugar Cookie is awesome, don’t get me wrong, but it really brings it.

Last, but certainly not least, Glas BASIX Caribbean Punch. Described as “peach, strawberry, apple and pineapple,” Glas BASIX Caribbean Punch tastes like a fruity drink you would get at a bar on the beach. It’s not a flavor combo I would have through up, but, like the other amazing Glas BASIX flavors, it works and works really, really well. This one has a strong flavor as well, also listed as 5 out of 5 for flavor strength, but it’s far from over powering. It’s just good and strong.

Glas Basix is anything but basic.


Now, let’s talk price. A 60 ml bottle sells for $16.95 and you can order a bundle pack with all six flavors for $79.95. Dang, sign me up! A great price for a great product. You can’t beat that. And I can’t wait to try more.

Glas offers other flavors in their signature Glas bottle. These juices have a slightly higher price point but if they are as good …. seriously I can not wait to try them.

The best place to buy Glas BASIX e-juice is directly from Glas.

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