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Hand Pipe FAQs

What Are Hand Pipes

Just like that old school pipe your granddad used to use, hand pipes are the classic smoking device. Often called smoking a bowl, hand pipes made from borosilicate glass, wood, metal, or silicone are ideal for smokers. In contrast to a water pipe or bubbler, hand pipes generally do not diffuse smoke through water, providing a standard dry smoke direct from the source.

Why Smoke With a Hand Pipe?

Although many cannabis connoisseurs choose dab rigs, bongs, or even trendy vapes when they can, hand pipes such as one-hitters, sherlocks, tasters, and spoons offer a clear advantage: convenience. They are portable, compact, and travel easily, and that’s why hand pipes and glass spoon pipes remain among the most common ways to smoke marijuana.

Unlike dab rigs and bongs that push water through percs or networks of honeycombs, they also don’t demand water or rigorous cleanup, so you’ll see hand pipes at concerts, on hiking trails, and even on the ski slopes.

How Do You Smoke a Bowl?

You can smoke a bowl with anything that has one—including a chillum, a bong, whatever—but usually a hand pipe is what we’re talking about. If so, the bowl is the round chamber of the pipe.

Grind up the flower with a grinder so it’s fine, but not dusty. Then, pack the bowl. But don’t let that term mess you up.

You’re packing a bowl with dry herb like you’re packing the trunk of a car—you’re being efficient and fitting a lot in. You’re definitely NOT packing a bowl like you’re packing brown sugar, jamming it in there as hard as you can. You don’t want to restrict airflow! You need it to smoke.

How Do You Smoke a Hand Pipe?

To use a hand pipe to smoke dry tobacco, herbs, cannabis, or other legal substance, first grind up the plant matter so it is fine. Then pack it into the bowl chamber.

Light the freshly packed bowl as you inhale through the pipe’s mouthpiece. Most pipes have a carb, a small hole on the side. Cover the carb as you light the bowl and inhale. Release when you’re through. You are creating suction and controlling airflow to the plant matter so it burns more or less depending on whether or not you’re inhaling at that moment.

Some pipes don’t have a carb, and have a simpler structure. There is a hole at the end of the pipe where you inhale, and a bowl at the other end, and just one hit, typically—so less need to control the burn over time.

When you inhale, that smoke is the hit. Inhale fully and deeply, so you won’t waste that hit. Some smokers hold their hit for 30 seconds or so. Even experienced smokers may cough—this is normal, and part of taking a deep hit.

How Do You Use a Hand Pipe?

Humans have been using pipes since ancient times. The simplest form of this primitive smoking tool needs only a reservoir and bowl and essentially some kind of passage to the mouth of the smoker.

More advanced pipes use holes or carbs to allow the user to control air intake and the speed of the burn. Placing a finger over the carb creates a suction, and smoke builds up in the pipe. Then, when the smoker releases the carb and takes a hit, this quickly pushes all the smoke out of the pipe and to the mouthpiece at once.

Although there are many more complex and technologically advanced ways to smoke today, the hand pipe offers a simple, fast way to consume for the herb, tobacco, and cannabis consumer. Its convenience and ease of use will no doubt continue to keep this old school hand pipe tech popular.

What Is a Straight Glass Pipe Called?

A one-hitter, also called a chillum or bat, just like its name suggests, is a small pipe that holds about one hit of cannabis. Typically made in glass, silicone, or metal, one-hitters are shaped straight like tubes, with the bowl and the mouthpiece on opposite ends.

One-hitters can be used alone, but they also come as part of a dugout set. Dugouts allow you to use your bat-shaped one-hitter to pack your cannabis directly. So there’s a space that holds the pipe, and the space for pre-ground cannabis, and you just twist your bat right into the herb to pack it.

Although one-hitters are simple, they still come in lots of styles, from discreet cigarette lookalikes to gorgeous blown glass art pieces.

Advantages of one-hitters include discretion, conservation, and microdosing.

Discretion. One-hitter pipes are compact and discreet, in that you take the single hit and end the session without ongoing streams of detectable smoke, for example. They also look much more like tobacco cigarettes.

Conservation. Bats help you limit yourself: one hit at a time.

Microdosing. One-hitters are ideal for the tiny, more accurately dosed microdose hits many medical patients want.

How Do You Use a One Hitter?

If you’re new to the scene, it may seem like one-hitters are just a throwaway sort of piece, but bats are a great part to any cannabis smoker’s collection. These practical, versatile pipes cater to consumers who prefer a fast, smaller hit of herb, and they come in a rainbow of cool styles. Smoking with a chillum can help conserve your stash, control dosage, and keep things discreet, simple, and clean.

So here is how to use a one-hitter the right way:

  • Grind your cannabis.
  • Pack the end of the one-hitter tightly enough that you can hold the pipe up without losing your weed.
  • Place the one-hitter against your lips with the cannabis end away from you.
  • Light the cannabis and inhale, hold, and exhale.
  • Tap or blow out the ash or use your ash catcher and your one-hitter is ready to ride again.

What Kinds of Hand Pipes Are There?

Hand pipes are among the most convenient, versatile ways to smoke cannabis. Hand pipes work in just about any situation, because they require nothing more than a lighter.

There is a spectrum of unique hand pipes out there, and they are made from many materials, including glass, metal, ceramic, silicone, and wood. The classic hand pipe, often simply called a “bowl” after the part of the pipe that holds the herb, is often small enough to hold in a pocket, but can come in almost any size, shape, style, theme, and color.

Here are some of the most popular hand pipe styles:

Classic Spoon. These classic spoons look just like they sound, and typically have carb holes on one side. They are among the most popular hand pipe choice.

Steamroller. In contrast to spoons, these hand pipes have large, front facing carb holes. Steamroller pipes deliver larger hits with less herb, but they can also feel harsh to beginners. Practice helps smokers modulate the carb more effectively.

Sherlock. Named for the famous Sherlock Holmes, these hand pipes make you look smarter while you may well be getting stupid. Some sherlock pipes can stand upright on a flat base similar to a beaker, a safety measure intended to help you from spilling your flower.

Chillum. This is another name for a one-hitter, the simplest and smallest hand pipe design. These straight tube pipes have no carb hole and are lit from the front and enjoyed from the back. Many chillums or bats work with dugouts, small stands or storage units that have two spaces in them (see our discussion above).

Glass blunt. This is a modern update to the classic glass chillum, with a sliding, expandable weed chamber that allows you to control how much you pack into that little glass bowl.

Gandalf. Named after The Lord of the Rings, a Gandalf pipe is for wizards and other inscrutable smokers. It’s a traditional, long-stemmed pipe, often made of wood, with a relatively deep and small bowl.

Cobb. There are real corn cob pipes that people make and corn cobb style pipes you can buy. Corn cobb pipes, made of the end of the corn cobb, turn the end of a piece of corn into a bowl.

And, to clear up some confusion, although these pipes are usually smaller and portable, they are water pipes, not classic hand pipes in a strict sense—although we’ve got them all:

Bubbler. These hybrid little pipes are portable but do offer some level of water filtration.

Hammer. Hammer pipes are similar to bubblers, a kind of small, portable water pipe with a built-in stem and cone system.

Sidecar. The sidecar is a basic pipe shape with a second chamber at the end to hold water for filtration.

What Are Some of the Top Hand Pipe Brands?

Top brands such as Grav, Genius Pipe, Arizer, Pyptek, Higher Standards, Journey, Marley Natural, Chameleon Glass, Empire Glassworks, 7pipe, Elevator Glass, MAV Glass, Dynomite Glass, Purr Glass, Chong’s Choice, MJ Arsenal, Art of Smoke, Honest Pipes, Shire Pipes, EYCE, and more are all available in the best online head shops.

Glass Pipes

Glass pipes are among the best choice for truly appreciating the flavor of marijuana and the simple joy of smoking out. Also called spoon pipes or hand pipes, glass pipes are one of the most ancient ways humans have enjoyed tobacco, herbs, and of course, cannabis.

Unlike bongs, vaporizers, and other, more complex smoking techniques, glass pipes do not demand accessories beyond a simple heat source or water. Just get what you want to smoke ready and light up!

Some worry that glass pipes might be less durable than other alternatives, but this isn’t so. Glass pipes are made of extremely durable borosilicate glass. In fact, toughness is the source of the fame of borosilicate glass and why it has become a sought-after industrial product. It demands higher temperatures to make this kind of glass compared to standard soda-lime glass, and it is these higher temperatures during manufacturing that deliver the heat resistance borosilicate glass is famous for.

Glass hand pipes are also totally safe. Borosilicate glass is totally non-toxic, just like regular glass. That is why you see companies use it as a safe material to make heat-resistant cookware and glass milk bottles, for example.

Hand Pipe Smoking Accessories

You can smoke pot without much more than a match and something to roll it in, but why would you when there is so much more out there? To truly enjoy your cannabis to the max, there are several important smoking accessories you should get for your hand pipe.

Don’t just beat up your fingers or settle for a credit card or scissors! A grinder is always the best way to keep your fresh herb tastiest. Speaking of flavor, cannabis always tastes better in a clean pipe, so use the right cleaning supplies to keep your hand pipe clean. Worried about keeping up with things? Make sure you’ve got a backup pipe.

We also carry ash catchers, downstems, replacement parts, cleaning supplies, and more.

Where Can You Buy Hand Pipes?
Buy your hand pipes online right here for the very best selection, real customer reviews, and secure checkout—at our online headshop. Learn everything there is to know about the best selling products on your own time at home, in the world’s biggest virtual headshop! Choose a great piece for yourself today.

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