Graphic Photos: Man’s Face After a Recent Mechanical Mod Explosion


A recent Facebook post from May 22nd from the Finest of Line Tattoo Company shows the results of a recent mechanical mod explosion.

A statement from the guy who’s pictured here explains what happened:

I was using a 4nine mech. Mod authentic RDA royal hunters. I was pulling .54 ohms what happen was the pin dropped shorting the battery. It welded itself open and when i released the button the battery exploded. It was a mechanical error“.

Hopefully the damage isn’t permanent and he can recover soon, but this should help to spread awareness and make sure that people take battery safety seriously, especially when sub-ohming with mechanical mods. This isn’t the first time that a mod has exploded, and unfortunately it probably won’t be the last. But if you’re not interested in learning about battery safety, you should probably stick to regulated mods instead of mechanicals.

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