Guide to Choosing a Dry Herb Vaporizer

The vaporizer industry has been continually developing since its advent in the early 2000’s. As demand has steadily increased for these devices; competing companies are reacting appropriately by creating newer, more innovative units. Whether one is a seasoned vape veteran or a new user, the selection process in order to purchase a dry herb vaporizer online is becoming increasingly more of a chore. Fortunately, there are several key factors that can be considered in order to narrow down choices and to scope out the ideal product. This guide shall function as baseline summary of what technology, design, and specs to think about before purchasing a specific dry herb vaporizer.


The first step to picking the perfect dry herb vape will be to decide between buying a portable device, or a desktop unit. Users that vape solely at home will want to consider a desktop vape as these units produce the highest cloud quality, where as any consumer that will be vaping on the go should buy a portable unit. The majority of customers will probably end up selecting a portable device; there are a multitude of portable, dry herb vaporizers so this only narrows down the field slightly. Users should next consider what build is desired and the composition of the unit.

Build, Discreetness, and Composition

Portable dry herb vaporizers tend to be branded as either ultra-stealthy or as powerhouses, with little in between. Consumers that want to vape discreetly should search for devices that are small enough to conceal within the palm of the hand, and feature non-obtrusive mouthpieces. There are a number of sleek vapes out there, but some popular brands include the Pulsar APX V2, the Starry XMax, and the Davinci Miqro. Users that are not concerned with being stealthy are better off with sturdy, strong devices such as the Boundless CF which boast dense, delicious clouds.

As far as composition goes, customers should research what materials a vaporizer is constructed from. Cheaper units will tend to utilize plastic material which can negatively affect the taste of the herb. Glass mouthpieces are great for enjoying the coolest and smoothest clouds, and are significantly favored over plastic ones. Heating chamber composition is important as well. For example, ceramic ovens typically protect the best against combustion which leads to overall enhanced flavor and avoidance of carcinogens. Also, be sure to take note of if a product is created from medical grade or food grade components, as these units are usually the highest quality.

Davinci Miqro
Davinci Miqro

Temperature Control and Oven Capacity

The freedom to choose what temperature to enjoy a session at is vital. Most brands priced between fifty to one hundred dollars will offer three to five preset temperature selections; however, there are a couple outliers to this rule such as the Boundless CFC 2.0, and the Starry XMax, which both offer precision temperature control and are extremely affordable. Precision temperature control is the ability to select an exact temperature in one degree increments, and this feature is a must for many consumers. Another factor that should be taken into account is heat up time. Most portable dry herb vaporizers have a heat up time anywhere from twenty seconds to a full minute, and customers should check specific product reviews before finalizing a purchase.

The size of the heating chamber will vary from brand to brand. Oven capacity needs to be looked into as this will impact one’s session length and users may not want to have to pack, and re-pack herb during a single session. Typical oven capacity will range anywhere from 0.15 grams to 0.5 grams of flower. However, while oven capacity is a factor, it is recommended that consumers really focus in on oven efficiency, and how well the flower is conserved. For instance, one of the best units in the market is the Mighty, which has an average heating chamber capacity of 0.25 grams, but it literally has the most efficient oven ever seen in a portable device.

XMax Starry
XMax Starry

Features & Battery Life

The advances made in the vaporizer industry are countless, and nowadays it’s expected that a mid to high end brand will offer a variety of features. A good example of this is the Davinci IQ, which one such portable dry herb vape that has several interesting modes of usage such as boost mode for heavy hits. There are also several vaporizers that came out recently and can be paired with mobile phone apps as well. The Ghost MV1 is the king of premium technology and it even offers the ability to track one’s vaporizer via the phone app. In summary, if a customer is spending more than two hundred dollars, they should make sure they select a dry herb vape that offers more than just the basics.

Battery life is another aspect that cannot be ignored. Every brand will mention what type of battery they use, and whether it is removable and rechargeable, or not. The most standard battery is the 18650 maH lithium ion battery, and this will provide sufficient power for many users. However, vape veterans that use at higher levels of frequency will want to go with a unit such as the Arizer Air 2, where the battery can be removed and switched out. Removable and rechargeable batteries are a luxury that anyone traveling will want.

Ghost Vape
Ghost Vape


Last, but not least, customers must figure out their budget. There are three categories of dry herb vaporizers which include low-end, mid-end, and high-end devices. The general rule of thumb is the more a user spends, the better the vapor quality should be. It is possible to get a decent device on a budget, but consumers cannot expect all the bells and whistles to come along with the product. Currently, the most famous and best premium portable vaporizer out there is the Mighty. On the other end of the spectrum, is the super cheap, SeshGear Commute which sells for under $60, and functions to just get the job done. Reputable authority review sites cover a vast amount of dry herb vapes and is a great place to help aid with your selection. The important thing is to balance budget with long-term expectations and find a happy middle ground.

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