Virginia Man Suing Vape Shop For $1 Million After Burning His Scrotum With Vape Batteries

David Powell in Arlington, VA was carrying loose batteries in his front pockets for some reason back in August, and they most likely touched coins or keys and shorted, causing burns on his scrotum and legs. Of course, now he’s suing Vixen Vapors, the vape shop he bought them from for a minimum of one million dollars to cover lost wages and medical bills.

Don’t put batteries in your pocket

“It was very painful. The worst pain I have ever felt,” he said. According to CBS, he was attending his daughter’s birthday party and sparks started coming out of the battery. “I ran inside. I took off my pants and tried jumping in the shower to wash off the lithium and the chemicals.” He spent four days in the hospital and was unable to wear pants for a month.

Obviously, any grown adult who is vaping with mods should be responsible enough to learn about battery safety. But if it turns out that Vixen Vapors didn’t have any safety information, then they are idiots. If you own a vape shop, cover your ass by warning people about battery safety.

And if you’re a person who wants to vape with mods, do yourself a favor and get a proper case to store your batteries. We live in such a perfectly safe, soft nerf ball world where people think that nothing bad can ever happen to them. Take some personal responsibility and learn about how to be safe with unprotected lithium-ion batteries. Don’t end up with a burned scrot like this guy, and don’t end up like the guy we wrote about a couple days ago who burned his face and set his bed on fire.

So do you think people should take responsibility for their own safety or was it the vape shop’s fault that this guy burned his balls? Let us know!

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