Hell Hound Mechanical Box Mod Review


We’ve been big fans of Wulf Mods products for a while now here at VaporVanity. In fact, the Lone Wulf has been my go-to mechanical mod for a long time now, and I wasn’t planning on changing that. Until now.

The Hell Hound is a new dual 18650 compatible authentic mechanical box mod built by Wulf Mods here in the U.S. of A. The sturdy construction and the gorgeous straight lines on this box-shaped mech mod stood out to me right away. This thing was clearly built with attention to detail, which you will be sure to appreciate if you’ve been using cheap Chinese knockoffs for your mechanical needs. While I’ve defended Chinese clones in the past, more and more I’m coming to appreciate the high-end quality that can be found in authentic American-made mods. Either that or I’m being unduly influenced by Donald Trump.


The Hell Hound has a softer feel to it, it’s coated with some type of rubbery material that actually manages to make this thing look even more luxurious and high-end. The button and the 510 threading are gold-colored, giving the Hell Hound an even more high-end feel.

The battery cover is magnetic and slides off with ease. This might sound weird and I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who does this, but I can tell if a mod is truly high-end by the sound that it makes when I slide off the battery cover. That satisfying metallic sssshhhhummpp sound is a dead giveaway as to the quality of a box mod. If it sounds more like a cheap plasticy sound, it’s a sign that you are a cheap bastard who bought the lowest quality you could find. The Hell Hound is an example of the former.


A good mechanical mod won’t have all the bells and whistles that the more trendy electronic mods have, but the one thing that they have going for them is that they just simply work if they’re built right. And that’s the best compliment I could pay to the Hell Hound. It just works. Just charge up your 18650 batteries, put ’em in and start vaping. I’ve been vaping with the Hell Hound for a couple weeks now and haven’t run in to any issues at all.


You can get a much better deal on the Hell Hound by purchasing the kit with the RDA bundled. The Hell Hound RDA is basically a square shaped version of the Lone Wulf RDA. That’s not a bad thing, however, as the Lone Wulf RDA is, in my opinion, the best RDA ever built. So just check out my Lone Wulf review, imagine the RDA as square shaped, and you’ve learned everything there is to know about the Hell Hound RDA.

Overall, the Hell Hound is highly recommended. It’s easily one of the best mechanical mods out there today. As with all mech mods, make sure that you understand battery safety so you don’t blow shit up and end up in a VaporVanity blog post.

Get the Hell Hound Mechanical Box Mod Kit with free shipping at MintyVapes.com. Get the mod only for $96.


Buy Hell Hound Mechanical Box Mod Below:

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