Hemp Bombs Beard Oil and Balm Review – Perfectly Relaxing

Traditionally, CBD products like the ones from Hemp Bombs have taken forms like oils to vape or capsules to swallow. The effects are highly lauded, as products treat a wide range of ailments from anxiety to epilepsy. Yet, as the industry grows, manufacturers find more ways CBD benefits the body beyond internal use. Cannabidiol is now used in all sorts of products, both internal and topical. Creams, lotions, and even hair care products are riding the CBD wave and taking risks.

Among those risk-takers, Hemp Bombs is a company that has expanded their products beyond the e-liquids and capsules of their less-reputable competitors. Hemp Bombs was kind enough to send us at Vapor Vanity some of their CBD beard oil and beard balm. I, for one, appreciate good beard products to help keep those straggler hairs in line (literally). For those close quarters conversations, it’s also important that my beard have a good scent. Finally, I use CBD products to help with my anxiety, and the more opportunity I have to include it in my regimen, the better.

I can say that Hemp Bombs’ beard treatment products fulfill, even surpass, my expectations. Their products are consistent in quality and content, as far as I could tell. I used both the beard oil and balm for a few days in a row this week. I saw noticeable improvement in the smoothness of my facial hair. I smelled of sandalwood. My beard held in place. Overall, my beard had the best week it’s had in a long while.

hemp bombs beard oil and balm side by side
Hemp Bombs CBD beard balm and oil




Bourbon Sandalwood oil is listed on the Hemp Bombs product packaging. It’s the last listed ingredient, which means it’s the lowest concentrated ingredient in the product. Regardless, Hemp Bombs’ beard oil has a great, classic sandalwood scent. Once I applied it, the soothing smell of sandalwood was obvious, but not overpowering. I love sandalwood, but it is one of those scents that has the potential to be too strong. Hemp Bombs balanced their use of this common beard oil scent perfectly.


Another potential pitfall with beard oils, in my experience, is when they’re too oily. Beard oil is one of those products you want to be able to rub in and have it work its magic. After I apply oil, if I stroke my beard, I don’t want to have oily hands. Hemp Bombs beard oil sets in and lubricates without that ‘oily’ feeling. Their combination of carrier oils – argan, jojoba, and sweet almond – blended well and kept my beard silky smooth. The oils worked to lubricate and stay in my beard, not on my hands, even if I gave my facial hair a little scratch or tug.


Beard oil is no new product on the market. Combining carrier and scented oils with vitamin E oil to soothe and strengthen facial hair is time-tested and reliable. The real difference in Hemp Bombs’ products comes from the 25mg of pure, organic CBD per 15ml bottle. Topical application of cannabidiol, like inhalation, bypasses the liver and gets straight into the bloodstream. Bypassing digestion makes CBD much more potent, as more of the product is absorbed into instead of filtered out of the body. Hemp Bombs beard oil had exactly the kind of soothing effect I’ve felt using my CBD vape juice as well. After about a half hour, I felt relaxed and totally at ease. So, not only did my facial hair and skin feel soft and comfortable. I got a calming and relaxing sensation from using their products, as we CBD users have come to expect.

hemp bombs cbd beard oil
Hemp Bombs CBD beard oil




Hemp Bombs also makes a Beard Balm that comes in a 1 ounce, round, metal tin. Beard balms, unlike their oil counterparts, often exclude scented oils. More oils in the mix keep the product from effectively solidifying, and balms need to be more solid. The upside, though, is the subtle hemp scent it gives off instead. I, for one, enjoy the smell of hemp. Hemp Bombs beard balm has 25mg CBD to its single ounce balm, which gives it an obvious air of hemp. As with the oil, though, it is not an overpowering aroma. When combined with the beard oil, the balm is better suited to doing its job than being fragrant.


Some balms can be too waxy, just as some oils can be too oily. Not Hemp Bombs. As I rubbed some of the balm on my fingertips to stroke through my beard, it was a smooth and even consistency. The balm rolled right into my facial hair and was easy to work in. Both products recommend use after a shower or face wash. So, I patted my face dry and took a two-finger full to rub into my beard. It’s creamy texture, from the avocado and coconut oils mixed with the beeswax, applied easily and rubbed in without globbing or hardening.


Combined with the beard oil, I could tell Hemp Bombs really stands by the purity and efficacy of their products. My skin, my muscles, and my mood all felt thoroughly relaxed after I applied each of these to my face. Letting the CBD seep into my open pores (another reason these are recommended for after showers) had obvious and positive effect. There were no drawbacks I could find to using the balm in conjunction with the oil. In fact, working them in together gave my face a refreshed, soft feeling. It gave my mood a soothed, steady sensation.

Hemp Bombs CBD beard balm
Hemp Bombs CBD beard balm


Hemp Bombs products are available directly from the manufacturer on their website. Hemp Bombs offers free US shipping on any order over $75. They also carry an assortment of other CBD products, including gummies, juices, vape juice, and syrups. Use our coupon code – vanity10 – to get 10% off of your entire order.


Hemp Bombs prides itself on using premium, US-grown hemp for its products. Their care and consistency in that fact is obvious when I used their products. Unlike some of the competition in this still-burgeoning market, Hemp Bombs guarantees quality. They lab test their products for purity, to ensure no trace THC exists. They use only 99% pure CBD isolate. That level of intricacy and care shows in how well their products work – both internally, and externally. I’ve never had a more relaxed beard (and face) than this week. And, I fully intend to keep it feeling this way. Buy Hemp Bombs products directly from the Hemp Bombs website.


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