Hemp Bombs CBD Review: Is it Really the Bomb?

Have you tried Hemp Bombs CBD oil?

They make several different CBD products including CBD e liquid in two flavors: Exotic Watermelon Kush and Sugar Cookie Kryptonite.

I was sent both flavors to give them a try, in both 200 mg and 60 mg.

I have to say I was a little leery at first because I am used to vaping a higher milligram of CBD oil from Koi or Diamond to help with my issues.  Normally, the brain tells you that if something isn’t as strong it isn’t going to work as well. That’s why there are different dosages on prescription drugs, right?

Well, in this case I was pleasantly surprised.

Let’s start by talking about flavor.

Hemp Bombs flavors

If you’ve tried CBD in the past, then you may have noticed that it’s not uncommon for flavored CBD to have an unpleasant after taste. Sometimes it’s stronger than others, sometimes the yucky taste is tolerable and other times it isn’t. But it does seem to be relatively consistent with CBD.

With Hemp Bombs, I did not find that after taste with either flavor, and that was an extremely awesome surprise. Normally I can tell its CBD almost instantly from the first hit, and if I happen to get my tanks confused (since I usually have several filled with several different flavors of both regular e-juice and CBD), I always know when it’s CBD. With Hemp Bombs there was no yucky taste giving it away.

Big bonus in my book.

Of the two flavors, Exotic Watermelon Kush and Sugar Cookie Kryptonite, I have to say I favored the fruiter Exotic Watermelon Kush.

Now, don’t get me wrong, both flavors were nice and smooth and fit nicely to the names. When I first opened up the box and saw the flavors I figured I would go for the Sugar Cookie Kryptonite, because I love a good dessert flavor and because watermelon seems to be a hard flavor to achieve in the e-juice world.

Now, I’m not saying Hemp Bombs totally nailed the elusive watermelon flavor, but they did make an extremely enjoyable, fruity flavor that is smooth and pleasant and hits well.

Sugar Cookie Kryptonite is sweet and delicious but did not ring my chime as much as I had hoped it would, but that doesn’t mean it won’t for you. When it comes to things like things, we must all remember that we all have different tastes.

Hemp Bombs CBD performance

Now, onto the effects of the CBD.

As I said earlier, I tend to vape a higher milligram of CBD and have seen very good results with it. Not since I started experimenting with CBD have I really used anything less than 500 milligrams.

Now, I’m a steady user, daily and consistently. I have both chronic pain and anxiety issues.

The Hemp Bombs bottles say “feel great” and “relax now” and I must admit that I had some serious doubts. Honestly, how can 200 mg CBD do for me what 500 mg CBD can? Just doesn’t make sense, or so I thought.

I changed out my coil as I always do when trying a new juice and set up my CBD tank with the Hemp Bombs Exotic Watermelon Kush. I hate to admit it, but I tend to always try the flavor first than I think I am going to enjoy least, a kind of save the best for last thing.

How does Hemp Bombs compare to other CBD oils?

I stopped using my regular CBD product and relied entirely on the Hemp Bombs, because I felt this was the absolute best way to get a real feel for the effects.

Honestly, I expected to be back to using my regular daily CBD within two days and writing a not so pleasant review on Hemp Bombs CBD.

But, let me tell you what happened.

I filled my tank, completely mindful the first night that I had switched brands and milligrams. It was purely a mental thing at that point.

That night at about 3 a.m. my 4-year-old woke up vomiting and the subsequent hours are one disgusting blur. Within days, both of my two older daughters have the same bug, with the same extremely gross symptoms, and caring for children and doing copious amounts of laundry are my life for the moment.

Now, you may be wondering what this has to do with Hemp Bombs CBD.

On about day three of the nightmare of vomiting children, when I reached for my CBD tank I noticed that I needed to fill it. That’s when it dawned on me that I was using the 200 mg Hemp Bombs Exotic Watermelon Kush.

And check it out, it worked just as awesome as my usual 500 mg juice! No need to shell out on high CBD products when a lower dose does the trick.

Heck ya in my book!

Now, I’m not grateful my children were sick but I am for the mental distraction that allowed me to give Hemp Bombs an honest chance.

Now let’s talk about price.

Hemp Bombs pricing

The 60 ml bottles sell for $39.99 from the manufacturer and they are also available in Strawberry Milk and Glazed Chocolate Donut (dang, don’t those sound yummy).

The price may sound a little steep to some but CBD isn’t like traditional e-juice and most users don’t vape on it all day. I will take a few hits here and there throughout the day and still use my regular e-juice, so this size bottle is going to last you a long time.

If you aren’t sure on flavor you can try a 16.5 ml bottle for $14.99.

Bottom line: as a vaper and as a CBD user, Hemp Bombs is worth trying. They also have a variety of other CBD products including edible gummies if you are into that kind of thing.

Give it a try and let me know what you think. I’m a huge fan of vaping CBD and I haven’t tried a product that I like this much in a long time. Hemp Bombs is a great way to enjoy the benefits of CBD, including anxiety reduction and the natural anti-inflammatory effects.

The best place to buy Hemp Bombs is directly from HempBombs.com. Anyone can buy this product, you don’t need a medical marijuana card or even need to live in a state that has legal medical marijuana. Hemp Bombs products contain the highest quality CBD from the hemp plant, with no THC.

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Want to know how Hemp Bombs compares to other CBD oils? Read our list of the best CBD oils and best CBD edibles before you make your decision!

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