Hemp Bombs CBD Tank Additive Review: Heck Yeah!

Hemp Bombs has done it again.

If you’ve read any of my stuff, then you know I’m a fan of Hemp Bombs flavored CBD. They offer a large variety of flavors and have recently increased the potency offered. I have to say, of the CBD brands I’ve tried, I have always been happy with what Hemp Bombs has to offer.

Typically I keep a tank dedicated to CBD on one of my spare mods and hit it throughout the day. Mainly I do this because I still like to have my nicotine throughout the day. Some brands offer a tank additive, but I haven’t found one that I cared for. Having tried several, I’ve found that more often than not there is a chemical after taste when I use a tank additive.

Of course, being my own stubborn self I still try new ones, often to be let down. I mean, who wouldn’t want the ease of using CBD and nicotine together, and not having to keep separate tanks?

Personally, my CBD tank generally doesn’t leave the house and I’ve run into times that I have wanted it when I’ve been out. How wonderful not to have to worry about it any more. So, when Hemp Bombs introduced a tank additive CBD, in the increased potencies, I was over the moon.

But, I was still reserved, because maybe the chemical after taste has been covered by Hemp Bombs awesome flavors. Let me tell you, when I try a tank additive, I always use a flavor that I know and love. One that I am very familiar with, so that I can detect any difference.

Hemp Bombs 300mg CBD Tank Additive

After filling up with a favorite, I topped off with Hemp Bombs CBD 300 mg tank additive.

I think Hemp Bombs tank additive is the first one I’ve used that does not have a dropper.

Normally the instructions will say to add a dropper full to a tank of regular juice, but all Hemp Bombs tank additive bottles say is “add to any vape device and enjoy. No steeping required.”

It’s always good to start low and work your way up, so I just put a dash in. Honestly, I didn’t notice much, so when it was time to top off my tank again, I added a little more. Eventually I found the sweet spot and was able to judge how much 300 mg Hemp Bombs CBD tank additive to use in order to achieve the impact.

Now, if you are new to CBD, let me tell you that it’s pretty amazing. It can help with anxiety, pain and sleep. There are no psychotropic elements and it’s legal everywhere.

See some of my other reviews for more information on the benefits of CBD. I found that a decent amount of 300 mg Hemp Bombs CBD tank additive was needed to give me the relief I wanted. This, of course, would mean that I would be going through the bottle faster than I would care for.

hemp bombs cbd tank additive
Hemp Bombs 300mg e-liquid tank additive.

Hemp Bombs 1000mg CBD Tank Additive

A 60 ml bottle of Hemp Bombs 300 mg tank additive sells for $49.99, so I want it to last. So, I bumped up to the Hemp Bombs 1,000 mg tank additive. It took less in my tank to get the desired affect.


Again, no nasty chemical after taste.

Double wonderful.

Since I have already done trial and error with the Hemp Bombs 300 mg tank additive, I was able to pretty quickly find my sweet spot of 1,000 mg. At $99.99 for a 60 ml bottle, I was still worried that I may go through it too quickly for the price.

Hemp Bombs 1000mg e-liquid tank additive.

Hemp Bombs 2000mg CBD Tank Additive

So, I moved up to the Hemp Bombs 2,000 mg tank additive.


Complete awesomeness.

I found my sweet spot pretty quickly, and it didn’t take much. Thank goodness, that means the bottle is going to last a while. And at $169.99 for a 60 ml bottle of Hemp Bombs 2,000 mg tank additive, that’s music to my ears.

It’s a pricey purchase up front, but I don’t need but a little for each full tank of juice. So that bottle is going to last me a couple of months. And I get the benefit of having CBD all day long. It’s amazing.

Instead of purposely relaxing myself at set periods during the day, often after my anxiety and chronic pain have started to get intense, I’m getting small doses of Hemp Bombs CBD throughout the day.

In case you can’t tell, I love it.

Hemp Bombs 2000mg e-liquid tank additive.

Bottom line

Hemp Bombs remains the bomb and did not disappoint with its new tank additive. Hemp Bombs also offers a 4,000 mg tank additive, which sells for $299.99 for a 120 ml bottle. If the Hemp Bombs 4,000 mg tank additive is as powerful and amazing as it’s flavored juice in the same potency, it’s going to knock your socks off.

If you are considering CBD, I would highly recommend Hemp Bombs. They offer a variety of flavors and potencies, starting at 75 mg in a 16.5 ml bottle for $14.99.

With their range of strength levels, flavors and bottle sizes, they offer something for just about everyone.

Hemp Bombs also has gummies, capsules and syrups. Check out their website for a cornicopia of amazing CBD products.

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