Herbstrong CBD Review – Strong Indeed!

If you’ve read any of my reviews, then you know I’m a fan of CBD, so I was excited to find out what Herbstrong has to offer.

Having the relief from anxiety and pain in a legal-in-every-50-states way, available for purchase in different formats and without a prescription is amazing. It’s also pretty amazing that I have never had a problem with it being habit forming  or produce any form of “hangover.”

All big pluses.

In case you are interested, I have reviewed several different brands (such as Koi, Diamond, and Hemp Bombs) in formats from e-juice to gummiesI’ve found that some brands are more effective than others and some formats more effective than others. Today I’m going to tell you about Herbstrong, a Southern California-based company that offers full spectrum CBD in a variety of formats.

I was sent Extra Strong Recovery Drops, Strong Paws Recovery Drops, Extra Strong Recovery Concentrate, Extra Strong Recovery Cream and an Extra Strong Recovery Vape Cartridge.

It always makes me leery of a brand when I see words such as “extra strength” plastered onto every item, but just like everything I’m sent to review, I gave it my best shot.

And let me tell you, I’m so very glad I did.

Recovery Drops and Recovery Cream

The very first night I tried Herbstrong, I used Extra Strong Recovery Drops and the Extra Strong Recovery Cream.

I suffer from anxiety, sleep issues and chronic pain. My husband is a disabled veteran, who also has major chronic pain, post traumatic stress disorder and many other issues.

We both tried the same combination. We put the 1,000 mg full spectrum Recovery Drops under our tongues, holding them there for a few minutes. And I put cream on the major pain areas – and keep in mind that we usually douse these areas with Biofreeze or other similar products.

We are very used to treating these chronic issues with many different products, ranging from over the counter to prescription. Within about 45 minutes my husband says to me “I’m so relaxed. I’m ready to go to sleep and my body is just so relaxed.”

Trust me, this was pretty dang amazing. And I had to agree that I felt the same, pretty gosh dang relaxed and feeling pretty dang nice.

I was instantly impressed.

But, I have to tell you, the Extra Strength Recovery Drops don’t have the most pleasant taste. It isn’t a totally awful tasting product and totally doable but it isn’t the most wonderful taste.

The cream has a pleasant, lotion-like texture, that isn’t greasy and applies well. It doesn’t really have an odor, which is nice.

 And a little goes a long way.

Which is good considering, Herbstrong products don’t come cheap. The Extra Strength Recovery Drops sell for $65 for 15 ml bottle. The Extra Strength 1,000 mg Recovery Cream sells for $65 for 1.7 fluid ounces.

Small products for a decent amount of money, but I have to say that you are getting what you pay for in these products. They do what they promise to, or at  least they did – and continue to do – for us.

Herbstrong Recovery Drops Gold Edition
Herbstrong Recovery Drops

Strong Paws (CBD for pets)

The Strong Paws comes in 250 mg and is designed for pets.

It came at a good time, because one of my dogs got into a tussle with another of my dogs, which resulted in some yipping and some limping. We gave her some Herbstrong Strong Paws and after a good night’s sleep she was walking fine the next day.

Again, we were very impressed with Herbstrong products.

Strong Paws sell for $30 for 15 ml. And unless your dogs tussle a lot, I doubt you will be using it often. I would think this would also be of benefit to animals with arthritis, but I haven’t had an opportunity to try it.

Herbstrong Strong Paws with package
Herbstrong Strong Paws

Recovery Vape Cartridge and Concentrate

The Recovery Vape Cartridge is a pre-filled tank with 500 mg full spectrum CBD oil.

The Recovery Vape Cartridge can be used with a Herbstrong battery or a device with a standard vaping 510. Like the other Herbstrong products I tried, I enjoyed and felt the benefits of the Recovery Vape Cartridge.

I didn’t get the complete relaxation that I got from the Extra Strength Recovery Drops but some times you just don’t need much. And using a 500 mg CBD is great when you need it and Herbstong Recovery Vape Cartridge is great when you need it. But, it had the same not-so-pleasant taste as the Extra Strength Recovery Drops.

On the subject of taste, I’ll tell you about the Herbstrong Extra Strength Recovery Concentrate.

Herbstrong says you can melt it into your own cooking oil, or sprinkle it on your food. I used a dry herb vaporizer to melt it and use it. This is a concentrate, so it has the strongest taste, just a much stronger version of all the other products. It’s tolerable, and the Herbstrong Extra Strength concentrate is extremely effective, once you get past the taste.

The Herbstrong  Recovery Vape Cartridge sells for $45 for 1 gram, and if you want the Herbstrong battery pack you and get both for $70. I don’t think that’s bad for the quality of product you are getting. Herbstrong Extra Strength Recovery Concentrate sells for $65 for 1 gram. Which seems a bit high in price, but it’s pretty strong stuff, so I feel it’s well worth it.

Herbstrong Cartridge with green battery
Herbstrong Cartridge

I was extremely impressed with the Herbstrong products I had the opportunity to try and I have a feeling I’ll be a standing customer, especially for the Herbstrong Extra Strength Recovery Cream. There’s nothing like being able to centralize your pain treatment.

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