High School Drama in the Vaping Community: Douchebags Make Wiggerish Hand Gestures, Accuse Other Douchebags of Being Douchebags

…And this is why non-vapers think that vaping is for retarded neckbeards and losers.

In an ongoing incident that combines the pointlessness of high school drama with the utter cringeworthiness of ghetto hip-hop rivalries comes the latest drama between two shady, small time companies in the vape industry.

I usually try to ignore this kind of nonsense, but I’ve noticed it popping up on various e-cigarette forums and groups lately and it seems like everyone in the vaping community has turned into a bunch of teenagers who can’t get enough of the drama.

Here’s a rundown of the pathetic, cringe-inducing shit-talking rivalry: This weird company run by a dude who looks like he just broke out of prison and a neckbeardy looking dude with a goofy hipster beard started accusing another small-time company of mixing juice in “unsanitary” conditions. This led to massive amounts of shit talking via the interwebs and eventually Convicted Vapes released the photos, which appear to show “Dr. Crimmy’s” mixing lab, which doubles as a bathroom.

The infamous "mixing lab"
The infamous “mixing lab”

Of course the photos are quite disgusting, but if you’re really buying cheap e-juice from some shitty little basement “company”, what do you expect? Of course, this photo release was followed up by the all-time most cringeworthy video ever released, in which these Convicted Vapes (I don’t get it, are they actually convicts?) tools rant about…. something. Not sure. I only made it through the first thirty seconds before the cringeworthiness became too much to bear and I noped the fuck out of that video. Maybe if someone is more manly than me they can make it through the whole thing, but I almost lost it when I saw a grown man introduce himself as “Matty Ice”. If you’re a teenager who calls yourself “Matty Ice”, you’re a fucking loser but at least it can be explained by poor parenting. But if you’re a fully grown adult who refers to yourself as “Matty Ice” while making wiggerish hand gestures, you should jump off a fucking cliff. (figure of speech, don’t really do it.) Also the neckbeard dude in the back who didn’t say anything and just awkwardly vaped and acted overly nonchalant was fucking weird. These fucking losers are literally the exact reason why people hate vapers. Thanks a lot, assholes.


And then, while browsing the electronic cigarette subreddit, I was greeted with more of this petty nonsense in the form of screenshots from a text message conversation. Yes, it just got that juvenile.



As much as we love trolling people and being immature here at VaporVanity, this is pretty ridiculous. I can’t wait until real businessmen put both of these worthless little companies out of business, so that vaping can be seen as a respectable business instead of the domain of neckbeards and ghetto looking white dudes. Fact is that none of these losers would survive in any kind of REAL business environment. If you wasted your life reading about this drama, sorry, but now you know what’s going on so you can continue to keep ignoring this nonsense when it inevitably pops up on other vaping forums.

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