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Best High Strength CBD Oil

#1. Hemp Bombs High Concentration CBD Oil – Our Favorite

Hemp Bombs is one of the most popular CBD brands on the planet. They have a wide selection of oils, creams, gummies, capsules, and more. They’ve recently expanded their product lineup with a collection of high-concentration vape oils.

Hemp Bombs offers high-strength CBD in the following concentrations: 1000mg, 2000mg, and an *insane* 4000mg. This is in addition to their regular strength products (75mg, 250mg, 300mg). These high-strength CBD oils are available as either flavored e-liquid or a flavorless tank additive if you already have an e-juice flavor that you love. If you’re the type of person who needs a high strength product to feel the effects, the 4000mg bottle of e-liquid will be perfect for you. It costs a pretty penny but it lasts an incredibly long time.

Hemp Bombs has some of the best customer service in the industry, so if you ever have any questions about the product lineup don’t hesitate to shoot them and email and ask.

hemp bombs cbd oil
Hemp Bombs high concentration CBD oil
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#2. Koi High Strength CBD Oil

Koi is another popular CBD vape juice manufacturer. Their lineup of high-quality flavors has given them a loyal following amongst CBD vapers.

But did you know that Koi CBD oil is available in a high-strength version as well? Each of their flavors is available in a variety of strengths, maxing out at 1000mg. While 1000mg is definitely extremely powerful, Koi doesn’t have anything that matches Hemp Bombs’ 4000mg monster bottle of e-liquid.

If 1000mg is enough strength for you, then you can’t go wrong with choosing any flavor from Koi (their Naturals line of premium liquid is truly incredible).

Koi CBD Vape Oil
Koi High Strength CBD Oil
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#3. Diamond Max Strength CBD Oil

Unlike other companies that only offer a small selection of products, Diamond makes just about every type of CBD imaginable. They have tons of different brands and flavors of vape oil, and most of them are offered in their premium Max Strength versions.

If you’re looking for a company that offers a large variety of CBD oil in high concentrations, then Diamond is the perfect choice. You’re virtually guaranteed to find a flavor that is perfect for you.

Diamond Max Strength CBD oil
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What is the benefit of high strength CBD oil?

CBD oil has numerous proven health benefits. Whether you’re looking to treat your anxiety, depression, chronic pain, insomnia, or just want to feel more focused and relaxed; then CBD oil (or gummies, dabs, or a pre-filled vape pen) is the perfect choice. They even make CBD dog treats so your furry friend can get the benefits. This CBD stuff is the real deal.

For some people, however, regular strength CBD just doesn’t cut it. If you’re one of those people, you may require something a lot stronger. If you think that CBD “doesn’t work”, then it’s possible that you might need to step it up to something stronger. Whether you’ll be good with a 1000mg high-strength CBD oil or if you need to step up to the big leagues with the Hemp Bombs 4000mg vape juice is a matter of personal preference. Everyone’s body is different. What works for someone else may not work for you. Experiment and find the perfect dosage that works best for your unique needs.

Which high-strength CBD oil is your favorite?

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What is the best high-concentration CBD oil for vaping?

  1. Hemp Bombs High Concentration CBD Oil
  2. Koi High Strength CBD Oil
  3. Diamond Max Strength CBD Oil

We’ve ranked every one of the high-strength CBD vape oils on this list according to a variety of attributes. We’ve graded them according to potency, quality, strength, flavor, shipping speed, customer service, and pricing; among other factors. Every one of the products on this list has been hand-selected by our editorial team. No matter which product you buy from this list, you can rest easy knowing that you’re buying one of the best high-concentration CBD oils on the planet today.

We’ve linked to the best, most reputable source for each one of these products (most frequently the manufacturer’s site). While you may want to shop around (and we encourage it!), we recommend that you buy from one of our preferred sites. That way you’ll know that you’re getting an authentic product at a reasonable price, from a company that actually stands behind their product.

Which high-strength CBD oil did you decide to buy?

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