How to Clean Your Bong

Proper Method for Cleaning your Bong

A dirty bong is the number one way to ruin the taste and quality of the product you are smoking out of it. On the contrary, a clean bong can vastly improve the quality of the tobacco or herb you are smoking out of it. Cleaning your bong is an easy five-step process that we will go over here.

Supplies Needed to Clean Your Bong

In order to go through the steps that will be listed below, you will need the following supplies:

  • A deep sink or tub
  • An alcohol solution (91% Isopropyl, or 100% Acetone/Nail Polish Remover if you need a heavier clean.)
  • Some sort of course salt. Typically this is Epsom Salt
  • Some material to plug the holes. Depending on the size, you may need cotton balls, q-tips, or hand towels.

Once you have all of these materials handy, follow these steps to clean your bong:

Step One: Rinse Out Your Bong

clean your bongThe first thing you will want to do is empty out the water that is already in your bong and rinse it several times. Do this with hot water and remove as much of the debris as you possibly can using just water. 

Step Two: Add Cleaning Supplies

This is where you add your alcohol solution and salt. If you are planning on letting your bong sit a bit longer, you can add more salt than alcohol. If you’re in more of a hurry, however, add more salt to make the shaking more effective.

Step Three: Cover Openings of the Bong

Typically a hand towel is the best option for the main tube and cotton balls are best for the stem and bowl openings. The purpose here is to make sure that all holes are completely sealed to prevent any leaks or spills in the next step.

Step Four: Shake

Once you have let your solution sit as long as you desire, it’s time to start shaking. You’re going to want to shake up your bong pretty abrasively. This allows the salt inside of the bong to do all of the scrubbing for you. Keep shaking for a while to allow the salt to clean through even the tougher spots on the bong.

Step Five: Empty, Rinse, and Enjoy

Empty out your dirty cleaning solution into the sink or tub. You are going to want to rinse through your bong several times to get rid of all the dirty water. Make sure that there is no trace of alcohol or fumes before filling the bong back up with clean water and enjoying a fresh, clean bong.

It is possible, if you didn’t shake or let your bong sit long enough, that you may have to repeat the process. Depending on how long you have gone without cleaning your bong, some spots may be more difficult to get to. Furthermore, you may have to clean out smaller areas separately using a pipe-cleaner and an alcohol solution. Just remember that if you put in the time now, you will get a much better smoke later.

Way to Clean Your Bong Less

There are several ways to keep your bong cleaner to allow for less cleaning. Ash Catchers, for example, are a fantastic way to cut down on the labor necessary for cleaning a bong. Ash Catchers attach to your bong and catch the ash, debris, and resin that normally goes directly into your bong.

An Ash Catcher is much easier to clean. For a small price, you can cut your time significantly cleaning your bong by using an ash catcher available in our store at an unbeatable price!

In addition to using an ash catcher, you should be regularly replacing your water in your bong. This gets rid of a lot of the ash and resin that gets into the water before it has a chance to stick onto the glass of your bong. A frequent water cycle for your bong is an easy and effective way to cut the cleaning of your bong down significantly. Your bong needs fresh water to live! Do not neglect it.

An easy way to keep track of your water cycles is to store your bong without any water in it. Though this method requires a good amount of work, it requires much less work than it takes to clean your bong out! Emptying your water after each use is a great way to ensure that your bong stays much cleaner and is able to provide you with a better smoke each and every time.

Beyond the “How to Clean Your Bong” Stages?

Is your bong beyond cleaning? Don’t have a bong? Just don’t feel like cleaning your bong? We have an awesome selection of products waiting for your perusal in our online headshop.

Once you get your bong, remember to take care of it and clean it regularly!

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