How to Not Be an Entitled Shitbag of a Customer When Buying Vapes This Holiday Season

entitled vape customers

Don’t bitch at online vendors and ask for refunds/free shit when your package gets delayed by USPS

I know that this seems like a crazy concept in this age of instant entitlement, but Christmas is NOT your special day, it’s actually a holiday that is celebrated by over a billion people around the world. That means that there are a shitload of packages that are being ordered and the postal service tends to get overwhelmed this time of year. Delivery is going to be slower than normal. Deal with it and plan around it.

I know that your aunt’s mother’s uncle once yelled at the customer service department of some company on the phone and got a full refund because the company was huge and would rather pay the money to get his retarded ass to shutup, but most vape companies are very small companies operating in a competitive industry. They can’t afford to give you free money just because you want them to. Amazon can afford to because they are a big company with lots of money and they can put extra pressure on USPS and the other delivery companies. Your favorite small online or B&M vape shop doesn’t have that kind of influence.

Quit buying products from online vendors who mark down prices by an insignificant amount

The biggest problem with selling things online is that there is always some dickbag who will undercut the price by 30 cents. The second biggest problem is that cheap, annoying customers will buy from them to save that insignificant amount of money. As an online vendor you’re forced to waste countless hours scouring the internet to see if someone is undercutting, and then lower your price to match that.

If a vendor is offering a vape that you want and the price is reasonable, just buy it. Don’t waste time searching for and buying from the annoying vendor who sells the same thing for a dollar cheaper. That way the vendors can focus on important things, like customer service and shipping out packages quicker, instead of price-matching cunty companies. Also here’s a PSA:¬†Companies who have to resort to insignificant undercutting tactics are doing so because that’s the only way they can get people to spend money at their shitty website. If you buy from them you will definitely not get the customer service that you feel entitled to. And if saving 75 cents is that critical to your well-being, maybe you should be trying to figure out how to not be poor before you start buying shit.

Don’t leave-one star product reviews because USPS delayed your package

Yeah, we get it. You’re mad because the world didn’t accommodate your grandiose sense of self-worth and your package got delayed by a couple days. How could everyone else in the world not get the memo that you are, in fact, special and deserve special treatment. After all, your momma did tell you that you were special and she’s not a liar, right?

The problem is that the online customer review forms are meant to give an honest opinion on the quality of the product so that other customers can make an informed decision. When you leave a shitty one-star review over something that the vendor can’t control anyway, all you’re doing is advertising to the world that you are a piece of shit. You aren’t hurting the vendor by doing so. Trust me, if they thought that your retarded review would hurt their business they would just delete the review. Instead they leave it up so that the world can see what an entitled cunt of a customer looks like in the hopes that future customers will see it and learn what not to do. Most customers ignore the overly negative reviews when making their decision anyway.

If you’re thinking about emailing the vendor after placing the order to ask them to hurry up so you get the package by Christmas: don’t.

Trust me, they know that everyone wants to receive their package by Christmas. As I mentioned before, it’s a holiday celebrate by billions, not your special day. Vendors treat all of their customers equally and will get your box mod¬†delivered as soon as possible. There is no special treatment for being a needy customer who wastes everyone’s time with pointless emails.




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