How to Open a Motion-Sensor Door with Vape Clouds

  • A new YouTube video shows how you can open a motion-sensor door with e-cigarette vapor
  • Simply blow the vapor onto the sensor and the door will open up
  • This could set off your smoke detector, so don’t try this at home

It’s a common problem. You have a motion-sensor door that you’re trying to get into but the only thing you have on your person is an e-cig. What do you do?

How to open a motion-sensor door with e-cig vapor

Of course, a lot of people would say you should just wait or call someone to open the door for you. But you’re an enterprising vaper, and you want to use the power of your clouds to get in that door. Sounds crazy, right? Well someone just created a video showing you exactly how to do it. Unlike most other vape tricks that look cool but don’t serve any practical purpose, this one is extremely relevant and and can help solve an actual real-world problem.

Finally a practical vape trick

And to think, everyone says that vaping is a frivolous and pointless activity for douchebags. Show your anti-vaping friends this video and let them know that vaping, particularly cloud-chasing, is a totally practical activity that could save your ass when you’re locked out one day. Of course, there’s a strong possibility that you’ll set off your smoke detector while doing this, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Have you tried it yet? Did it work for you? Let us know in the comments section below!

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