How To Refill a Juulpod: The Beginner’s Guide

E-liquid is one of the main components of any vaping experience. Hanging out at the local vape bar, sampling flavors and talking shop is a core experience in the vape community. Manufacturers offer an incredible selection of flavors and nicotine variants, ranging from simple fruits and sweets to the more eccentric flavors like french toast. The vast majority of vape users today are limited in their juice choices, though.

The biggest selling vape systems on the market right now – pod vapes, like the Juul – require using the brand’s specific nicotine cartridges. Each brand offers its own flavors, and pod vape e-liquid is a specific recipe, using nicotine salts to deliver a throat his similar to that of a cigarette. The manufacturers also sell these disposable pods en masse, as vape cartridges like these also cannot be refilled.

Or can they? Officially, pod vape manufacturers do not recommend refilling their cartridges. But, can their cartridges be refilled: Absolutely. With a couple small tools, a little effort, and some patience, I was able to open, refill, close, and reuse a juulpod. It takes a few simple steps to complete.

How do I refill a Juulpod?

  1. Remove the cap
  2. Remove the grommet
  3. Clean out the pod, remove juice residue
  4. Refill the cartridge
  5. Replace grommet and cap, and enjoy!

How It’s Done

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Step 1: Remove the cap

The juulpod’s mouthpiece also serves as the cap. It is held on by a small tab on either side. Using fingernails, or a small flathead screwdriver, pop the cap off the cartridge. Be careful not to lose or damage the small paper pieces inside the cap, near the mouthpiece.

juulpod refill
Step 1: Remove the cap


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Step 2: Remove the grommet

Inside the juulpod, under the cap, is a small rubber grommet to keep the seal. Carefully remove it (it should slide out fairly easily), and do not damage it since it keeps liquid from coming up the mouthpiece into the mouth. Set the grommet and the cap aside.

juulpod refill
Step 2: Remove the grommet


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Step 3: Clean out the pod, remove juice residue

A small paper towel or a cotton swab work best. Be sure there are no paper or cotton fibers left inside the pod after cleaning (this will cause a fire hazard). Do not bend or move the center tube.

juulpod refill cleaning
Step 3: Clean the Juulpod


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Step 4: Refill the cartridge

Be careful to avoid spilling inside the center tube (that is where vapor travels through). Use any e-liquid to refill a juulpod, but nicotine salt juice is recommended for the device to hit properly.

refilling juulpod with ejuice
Step 4: Refill the Juulpod


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Step 5: Replace grommet and cap, and enjoy!

After refilling the juulpod, test it a couple of times, be sure there are no leaks or other issues, and enjoy the new flavor. If there are leaks or other issues hitting the device, check the grommet to be sure it is secure and tightly seals the pod. If not, try another pod to get the seal and the hit right.

replacing a juulpod cap
Step 5: Replace the grommet and cap


It may take a few tries to get the seal to sit right again, and for the hit to feel right. Have a few pods handy to test, just in case. The pieces are small and finicky, but after some trial and error, we successfully swapped from the Juul juice to another brand and flavor altogether. And it was delicious.

What are the benefits of refilling Juulpods?

Juul is doing a lot of things right. They’ve created a trendy product that people aren’t embarrassed to be seen with in public (unlike the nerdier mods that a lot of people prefer). They’ve managed to replicate the feeling of smoking so perfectly that millions of people have successfully used their product to quit for good.

But they did this at the cost of allowing their customers to customize their vaping experience. By using a closed, proprietary system they’ve eliminated the ability to tailor your vaping experience according to your own unique preferences. By refilling your Juulpods, you give yourself the ability to vape the way you like it, according to your own unique needs.

You can use your favorite e-juice

Juul has received rave reviews from many people, including us, about how delicious their flavors are. The problem? There are only a handful to choose from. I can only vape mint or creme brulee so many times before I start craving something different. If you’re in love with that fruity organic juice or that rich tobacco flavored e-liquid, you don’t have to do without. Follow this guide and you’ll be enjoying the convenience of Juuling with the choice that tank-and-mod vaping provides. A true win-win.

You can taper down

Juul has announced that they’re going to be releasing lower-nicotine pods in the future. But of course, those pods will only be available in a couple flavors and you’re still only getting two nicotine level options. Compare that to the wider world of e-juice, where you can choose anything from nicotine-free 0mg all the way up to an eye-popping 24mg. That’s why vaping has become so popular amongst former smokers looking to quit: You can start with a high nicotine level and taper all the way down to nothing.

By refilling your Juulpods with progressively lower levels of nicotine e-juice, you’ll be able to replicate that effect with the simple form factor of the Juul.

Refilling Juulpods saves money

Juulpods retail for about $25 bucks for a four-pack on Juul’s website. That’s not bad, but it’s not great either. If you pride yourself on being frugal, then you’re probably a huge fan of cheap e-juice. Some of that stuff can be terrible, but sometimes you’ll find the true holy grail: a great flavor that is also inexpensive.

Now that you’ve learned how to refill your Juulpods, you’ll be able to save some serious cash by stocking up on cheap juice and filling your pods with it over and over again. And to think they said that vaping has to be expensive.

Can I put CBD in Juulpods?

You absolutely can put CBD vaping oil in Juulpods. While the Juul was designed with nicotine salt e-liquids in mind, you can use any type of e-juice in your pods including CBD. The performance might decline slightly (as when using non-salt based e-juices), but you’ll still be able to enjoy all of the benefits of CBD with a Juul.

Alternatively, if you like the form factor of the Juul but want a device that is dedicated to CBD you can purchase a KoiStik. The KoiStick is a pod-style vape pen from Koi, the worldwide leaders in the CBD market. It comes with empty pods that are specifically designed to be compatible with CBD oil, ensuring maximum performance.

Of course if you are really deadset on using the Juul for your CBD needs then you can just fill the pods up with your favorite CBD oil using this guide. There is no right or wrong way to enjoy CBD. It’s just a matter of personal preference.

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