How to Season a Titanium Nail

Just bought your first vapor dab rig and want to know the best way to use and take care of it? Here we’ll show you a few ways so you know how to season a titanium nail.

What is a Titanium Nail?

titanium nail is that part of your vape or vapor rig that heats the oil or concentrate that you dab onto it.

Why Should You Season Your Titanium Nail?

titanium nail

The first time you use your rig, the titanium nail has never been used before to heat a dab. This means it is absolutely brand new, and may have some additional elements on it that were used to make it shiny and prepare it for display. If you don’t season your titanium nail, a metallic or chemical taste might make it onto the oil. This does not make for the best first experience of your dab rig.

How to Season a Titanium Nail

There are quite a few ways to do this. Here we’ll look at two of the simplest and possibly the most popular.

How to season a titanium nail: Option 1

What you need: Your rig, a butane torch, a titanium dabber, dabbing oil

Connect your titanium nail to your rig. This is partly so you can check the fit before seasoning the nail and not being able to return it!  Heat the titanium carefully and evenly with the butane torch until you see it begin to turn red-hot, shown by a deepening orange color. Put down the torch, then coat your titanium nail with oil where you want to season it. Give it a bit of time to cool, then dab the oil onto it again, 3 to 5 times more. With that, your nail is seasoned for use.

If you’re not planning to use your rig right away, first disconnect your titanium nail. Place it in a bowl, and fill the bowl with alcohol so that it covers the nail. Then simply remove the nail and leave it somewhere to dry on its own.

How to season a titanium nail: Option 2

What you need: A deep bowl-shaped container you’re not afraid to place near fire, cold water, ice, pliers, a butane torch

First, check the fit of your titanium nail to the vapor rig. If that’s fine, you can move on to the next step.

Fill the bowl with the cold water, then add the ice cubes you have. Put this aside, but near enough so you don’t need to move to reach it. With the pliers, hold the bottom of your titanium nail. With the butane torch, heat the whole nail until it is completely red (this takes about 60 seconds). Turn off the torch and plunge the nail into the cold ice water and swirl it through, letting any chemicals or residue rinse away. Shake the nail over the bowl, then heat it again. You should be able to heat and dunk the nail in the bowl a total of 3 times. Keep ice near you so you can add if necessary to keep the water cold.

Clean and dry the nail with alcohol solution, and you’re all set!

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